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Street Style Sneakers

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Street Style: Sneakers at MYHABIT

Street Style: Sneakers at MYHABIT            Check It Out

The beloved sneaker is always evolving. Unique colors. Hybrid styling. Unexpected materials. This collection features a sampling of some of the coolest updates to one of the most classic footwear styles.

Commute in Style: Shoes & Boots at MYHABIT

Commute in Style: Shoes & Boots at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Elevating your daily look sometimes can be as easy as putting on a smart pair of shoes. Whether you like the casual ease of a dressy loafer or need a more resilient boot for a slushy winter walk, this collection of style-savvy shoes are up to the task. Shop everything from neutral hues to vibrant pops of color and more.

Stephen Oliver Jewelry at MYHABIT

Stephen Oliver Jewelry at MYHABIT            Check It Out

A little rock ‘n’ roll can go a long way. From an understated beaded bracelet to curb chain designs, these accessories by Stephen Oliver deliver pieces that will catch the eye, without overshadowing a look. Whether you’re sipping whiskey at the bar or on stage rocking a show, these unique accents will undoubtedly deliver the bit of extra style you’re looking for.

City Style feat. Just Cavalli at MYHABIT

City Style feat. Just Cavalli at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Elevating your style to look your best no matter the occasion doesn’t take much. Finding versatile staples to build your wardrobe around is step one. Step two is finding a piece or two that makes a statement. This collection has what you need to do just that. Pick up a cool leather jacket, crisp tailored fit woven shirts, boldly colored trousers and more here.

Urban Closet feat. BLK DNM at MYHABIT

Urban Closet feat. BLK DNM at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Could your casual style use a touch of edge? Shop this collection for plenty of pieces that are equal parts cool and comfortable. Button-up shirts in unexpected prints. Versatile jeans and on-trend joggers. Modern takes on classic peacoats and bomber jackets. Stock your closet and mix-and-match for an easy everyday look with a downtown vibe.

New Balance & Umbro at MYHABIT

New Balance & Umbro at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Whether you lift at the gym or run in the cold, this collection of activewear from New Balance and Umbro offers the great-looking and comfortable basics you need to perform. Find tees, pants, polos, jackets and more, all versatile, layerable and washable—and in sporty styles that look good whether you’re working out or kicking back.

Jeans: Find Your Favorite Wash at MYHABIT

Jeans: Find Your Favorite Wash at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Ready for a new wash or a new cut? A spectrum of washes and cuts make one of the most comfortable and most used piece of clothing in your wardrobe also one of the most versatile. Switch it up between light and dark washes to fit your mood, the season and your personal style. Shop now for luxuriously crafted denim that will fit you like a glove, both physically and aesthetically.

Bedding Essentials by Westport Linens and More at MYHABIT

Bedding Essentials by Westport Linens and More at MYHABIT            Check It Out

You begin and end your day in bed: Make sure it’s the relaxing oasis you deserve. Get ready to sink into this collection of cozy bedding from Westport Linens. High-thread-count sheet sets in soothing hues crafted with Egyptian cotton are irresistible. With designs that are at once understated and luxurious, your bed will look as good as it feels.

One-of-a-Kind Rugs: Oriental Edition at MYHABIT

One-of-a-Kind Rugs: Oriental Edition at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Add an exquisite conversation piece to your home with a striking, one-of-a-kind area rug. This collection boasts a wide range of elegant, handcrafted styles. Each of the detailed patterns here bursts to life in saturated hues and intricate details. Whether displayed as the centerpiece of a living room, providing plush floor covering in a bedroom or effortlessly placed under a dining table, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful way to accent a room.

Blockbusters: Marvel & Star Wars Artwork at MYHABIT

Blockbusters: Marvel & Star Wars Artwork at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Whether you are guided by “The Force,” or long to be an Avenger, this selection of Marvel and Star Wars artwork is sure to satisfy the most rabid fan. From the amazing Star Wars prints by Darklord and Banksy, to the vibrant pieces from Marvel featuring all your favorite Avengers characters, these works of art will add a hip accent to your home.

$49 & Up: Asian-Inspired Furniture at MYHABIT

$49 & Up: Asian-Inspired Furniture at MYHABIT            Check It Out

With its Zen-like vibe, this collection offers an assortment of furniture and accents for those seeking a calm and serene space. Rustic carved wood pieces. Glossy ceramic stools. Hardwood candle holders. With a range of pieces from abstract to natural and spiritual, you’ll be creating a completely unique look in your space.

Urban Appeal: Lighting at MYHABIT

Urban Appeal: Lighting at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Whether your home is in the valley, on a ranch or by the bay, this collection of cosmopolitan lighting is sure to transport you right into the heart of the city. Select from sleek metal table lamps, industrial-inspired pendants, chic chandeliers and more. You’re sure to find something delightfully modern and metropolitan that speaks to you.

Valentine's Décor & Gifts up to 75% Off at MYHABIT

Valentine’s Décor & Gifts up to 75% Off at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Don’t you just love love? Are you looking for a little something extra to present to your beloved? Or do you simply have a soft spot for all things heart-shaped? Scroll through and find the perfect thing. Party decorations. Tabletop décor. Photo frames. Jewelry boxes. With these gifts on hand, you’re destined for a lifetime of romantic nights.

Pizza Night feat. Pizzacraft at MYHABIT

Pizza Night feat. Pizzacraft at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Want to get everyone in the kitchen and make them happy? Have a pizza night. Make plenty of dough and offer a variety of toppings. Make several individual-size pies and encourage new topping combinations. Be sure to cut enough slices of each for taste testing. This collection has all of the tools you need to make pizza night a success.