Pogoplug Family Device Free with Amazon Glacier Cloud Storage Plans

Pogoplug Family

Pogoplug Family is the only backup solution designed for families. It combines the best of at-home and online backup by empowering you and your family to store an always-available copy of your photos, music, videos and documents at home with our award-winning Pogoplug storage device, while also safeguarding a second copy in our secure cloud.

Pogoplug is offering new cloud storage plans that have been enhanced with the addition of Glacier, a data archiving service provided by Amazon. For families and households, 100GB of cloud storage can be purchased for $29 a year for three users, 300GB for $49 for five or fewer, or 1TB for $99 every year for up to seven users. For a limited time, the company is also giving a free Pogoplug Classic to new subscribers, which connects to a router to physically store the shared data.

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