Aivvy Q: Self-learning Smart Headphone as Personal DJ

Introducing Aivvy Q, the world’s first self-learning smart headphone as a personal DJ at your fingertips. Intelligently selects and caches music from millions of songs, Aivvy Q ia a new generation of music device that can directly interact with the cloud.

As an all-in-one device inside a set of headphones. Music plays from the moment you put it on. It’s instant, simple and seamless. Tap the built-in trackpad to bookmark songs you like. Swipe forward to skip a song. Turn the channel ring to switch between channels. Aivvy Q learns from your actions and – integrating location and time – delivers a soundtrack chosen from 40 million songs that’s just right for you, for every moment.

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Aivvy Q Smart Headphone

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Aivvy Q: A galaxy of music in a pair of smart headphones