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Click & Grow Electronic Smartpot Plants

Click & Grow is an easy-to-use electronic smartpot that grows plants without watering and fertilizing. The electronic garden and the plant cartridge work together like a printer. Just like you can change the empty printer cartridge, you can change the plant cartridge in the Click & Grow pot. If the plant s natural life cycle ends, you can remove the old plant cartridge and insert a new one. Immediately the flowerpot will start to grow a new plant! For that you don t have to buy a whole new flowerpot, instead you only have to change the cartridge. After placing the new plant cartridge into the flowerpot, it will install all the necessary data for growing the specific plant from the cartridge and the new plant starts to grow.

You don’t have to have any knowledge about gardening, instead everything will be taken care by the smart technology. Click & Grow measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs. No more constant watering, guesswork and worrying whether your plant is getting exactly what it needs – the smart technology takes care of all of that for you.

The starter-kit includes everything you need to start growing a plant in the flowerpot. You need to add batteries (Not included in the starter-kit) and fill the water reservoir with 1 liter of good quality water up to the indicated water level mark. After a month or two you need to refill the water reservoir and once a year you need to change the batteries. If the flowerpot needs water the LED on the front will blink blue and if it needs new batteries, red will blink as a reminder. If everything is well, a green light will blink once every five minutes.

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