Inside Line Equipment Cycling Bags

Inside Line Equipment Cycling Bags

Inside Line pieces are handmade in the San Francisco Bay with strength, simplicity, and elegance in mind. The crafters behind ILE use the toughest materials and best machines to make durable pieces for cyclists, commuters, and urbanites so you can roll out at a moment’s notice.

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Inside Line Equipment Default Bag

The Default Bag is ready for all of your adventures with ample space for your laptop, groceries, keys, wallet, speakers, books, notebook, and water bottle. This pack is waterproof and Inside Line’s flagship style.

Inside Line Equipment Default Bag_1

Inside Line Equipment Default Bag_2

Inside Line Equipment Transit Bag

Throw on the Transit Bag and get moving. This pack has room for your jacket, bike lock, laptop, picnic blankets, pens, phone, and an emergency bottle of wine. It has a spacious waterproof interior and durable cordura fabric.

Inside Line Equipment Transit Bag_1

Inside Line Equipment Transit Bag_2

Inside Line Equipment Transit Bag_3

Inside Line Equipment Race Day Bag

Pack up like a pro with ILE’s Race Day Bag. It’s made of lightweight XPAC sailcloth and has seven storage compartments and a side pouch for dirty laundry and shoes. This modular compartment makes for ideal organization for weekend trips or overnight adventures.

Inside Line Equipment Race Day Bag_1

Inside Line Equipment Race Day Bag_2

Inside Line Equipment Rack Bag

The Rack Bag fits beautifully inside your Porteur rack/basket and is ideal for a quick cycle to the grocery store or farmers market. It attaches securely to your bike with two straps and has rear facing pockets for grabbing your U-lock and keys. It’s a quality choice for urban cyclists with awesome versatility.

Inside Line Equipment Rack Bag_1

Inside Line Equipment Rack Bag_2

Inside Line Equipment Seat Bag

Grab the Seat Bag and roll out! This style is made of super lightweight XPAC ripstop and attaches securely under your seat. It’s big enough to hold a tube, CO2 inflator, and multi-tool. It has an auto-lock buckle too and was handmade in California.

Inside Line Equipment Seat Bag