Nomon Clocks

Cris Walnut wall clock

Minimalistic and refined- Nomon clocks are more than just functional, they are sought after artistic objects. Originating in Barcelona, Jose Maria Reina and Mario Ruiz produce inspiring collections year after year.

Nomon is the leader in indoor clocks, with a presence in over 60 countries. Creativity, design and technology are the three main principles that mark their designs. Each step and material result in original clocks of avant-garde design — handmade clocks produced using innovative techniques.

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Merlin clock_1

Merlin clock_2

Merlin Clock 

Truly striking- The elegance of the Merlin clock is based on the lightness of its elements. The Spanish designers pride themselves on their detailed craftsmanship combined with their ‘less is more’ mentality. Balanced on a clean wall canvas, this simple design emits a loud presence.

Punto y Coma pendulum clock_1

Punto y Coma pendulum clock_2

Punto y Coma Pendulum Clock

Another member of the Punto, or Point collection, Punto y Coma is a slender representation of an old classic. A contemporary design that redefines the classic pendulum clock. This is the ideal Noman clock for those who don’t have a large wall space vacant. Finished in chromed steel, this pointed drop clock fits nicely between any walkway entrance or post in your home.

Mixto wall clock_1

Mixto wall clock_2

Mixto Wall Clock

The result of the fusion between Nomon’s most characteristic clocks, the Merlin and Rodon, the Mixto i is a combination of beauty and practical function. With more segments than their other designs, this is the perfect wall clock for those who still want a beautiful Nomon piece, but really need to know the time.

Puntero desk clock

Puntero Desk Clock

Spanish inspired, the Puntero, meaning ‘pointer,’ leans back allotting you the maximum amount of desk space while providing you the time in style. A desk clock with great personality, the composition of its sloping lines give it character and distinguish it from the rest of the innovative Nomon collection.

New Anda wall clock

New Anda Wall Clock

The circle of life- Nomon continues to pave the way in simple, intricate wall clocks. The New Anda is no exception, merging sleek black lines on a stainless steel circular base. Unique and clean, this piece will pop on a light wall canvas.Less is more and Nomon clocks continue to prove this with their latest collection.

Cris Walnut wall clock_1

Cris Walnut wall clock_2

Cris Walnut Wall Clock

Like an arrow through the heart, Cris Walnut combines two simple ingredients to complete this minimalistic vision, wood and steel. The perfect wall piece for any modern home, while understated in color, the sharp and forward features of the clock are what truly makes it striking. While purposeful, this piece of artwork collectively exudes the designers Spanish flare to any setting.