The World’s Only Counterbalanced Turntable

The World's Only Counterbalanced Turntable

The World’s Only Counterbalanced Turntable is the Holy Grail of music listening devices for vinyl lovers, because it is the only fully suspended turntable in the world that uses dual counter-rotating platters to eliminate the troublesome sonic aberrations generated by common consumer models. Winner of the Best Sound High Fidelity award from the renowned Munich High End, the largest high-end audio show in the world, it provides the lowest noise floor of any turntable available. At a hefty 90 pounds, it contains two platters, one on top and one on bottom, one for playing the record and the other for canceling out musical aberrations that are common in other vinyl players.

The turntable is powered by two Swiss motors that ensure a quiet and pure musical experience with consistent power distribution from a CPU that ensures nothing too crazy happens on the playback.

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