Walking Bicycle Club

Walking bicycle Club

Walking Bicycle Club – A revolutionary redesign of the bicycle, the three-wheel motorized “Walking Bicycle” is pedaled in the same way as you would walk. Developed by automotive parts manufacturer Katayama Kogyo in cooperation with caliber designers like Shuwa Tei and Kenya Hara, and other advisors.

The Walking Bicycle Club (WBC) is basically what the name implies. It’s a bicycle that you move by pumping your legs straight up and down in a movement kind of like walking. It also has an electric motor which assists when going up hills. It can reaches speeds of up to 15mph (24km/h). Obviously that’s not just due to the rider’s walking abilities. There is a built-in “power assist” electric motor, which on a single charge should be able to go up to 12 miles (20km) on an average road surface.

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