Suit Connection: MANGO MAN Spring 2015 Suit Collection

MANGO Slim-fit Suit Blazer

Span brand MANGO Man starring Japanese top model Daisuke Ueda as it highlights tailored fashions for spring 2015. Refined wardrobe which updates the classic suits with a more contemporary attitude, honing in on formal basics, Daisuke is pictured in slim-cut two-button suiting, complemented by leather accessories and modern eyewear.

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MANGO Wool Suit Blazer

MANGO Pinstripe Suit Blazer

MANGO Tailored-fit Textured Suit Blazer

MANGO Check Wool Suit Blazer

MANGO Bird's Eye Suit Blazer

MANGO Mesh Lining Hooded Jacket

MANGO Check Suit Blazer

MANGO Slim-fit Short-sleeve Shirt