Ardea Personal Light by Herman Miller

Ardea Personal Light by Herman Miller

Design by Yves Béhar, made in the U.S.A. by Herman Miller, with a design inspired by nature the Ardea Personal Light is simple, trim and infinitely adjustable. Placed on a side table, end table or home office desktop, Ardea lets you direct light right where you need it — on paperwork, a keyboard, or a good book. The low-energy compact mini-fluorescent lamp has a reflector for even illumination. It uses about a quarter of the electricity as an incandescent lamp and lasts 3 to 4 times longer. Ardea was developed according to Herman Miller’s demanding protocol for minimal environmental impact and is 84% recyclable.

Ardea’s energy-efficient 13-watt compact fluorescent lamp has a 3500° color temperature. It has a 120-volt magnetic ballast with a disconnect plug next to the ballast. The light extends up to 25″, rotates 360°, and has an 8.5-foot cord. Mounting hardware is included. Hinges are continuous with the rigid structure; the aluminum extrusion is twisted in a new, innovative manufacturing process, giving the design a sculptural, organic flow as well as stability. Use the Ardea Personal Ligh anywhere — the flexible design allows light to be directed where you need it. It can be freestanding or clamped to a surface.

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