Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller

Herman Miller Leaf Personal Light

Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller LED lamp is a creative product for your living.

The striking Leaf light puts the control in your hands—actually, in your fingertips. To adjust the intensity or change the light color from warm to cool, just slide a finger along a groove in the lamp base. And even though it’s LED lighting, it isn’t hot to the touch. We solved that problem, so you can position Leaf for task lighting, fold it to create ambient light, or straighten the arms for dramatic wall lighting. Without burning your fingers.

“Leaf is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express light’s magical and sensory variations,” says designer Yves Béhar. “It allows the human senses to become engaged by allowing the user to choose the intensity and color of light which best suits a functional need, mood, or location.”