Bellila Eco-friendly Furniture in Bloom

Bellila Eco-friendly Furniture in Bloom

Bellila Eco-friendly Furniture offers a subtle balance between functionality and aesthetics with a white finish that brings clarity and purity to your home. The wood used only comes from eco friendly forests in France. It is not only an escape from the everyday life, or a moment of relaxation, it’s the breath of fresh air that Belilla brings indoors which makes their furniture indispensable to the harmony of our habitat.

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Bellila Volcane Console Sideboard

Bellila Volcane Console is a thin sideboard, which offers a very subtle balance between practicality and design. It will just as easily find its spot in an entry hall as behind a sofa in a living room. Now you can bring your favorite flora into your home in a beautiful new way.

Bellila Volcane Console_1

Bellila Volcane Console_2

Bellila Volcane Console_3

Bellila Volcane Banquette

Bellila Volcane Banquette is a light and minimalist spot to sit, convenient and decorative in size and appearance. It is the idea spot for storing shoes and handbags in your hallway. Keep a bouquet of flowers planted for a beautiful final effect that will add a floral touch to your foyer.

Bellila Volcane Banquette_1

Bellila Volcane Banquette_2

Bellila Volcane Banquette_3

Bellila Lagune Understated Table

Bellila Lagune is a versatile and understated table which can easily hold a landscape, a zen garden or a fish tank. It is practical, and fits in perfectly to your interior design ideals, whatever those may be.

Bellila Lagune_1

Bellila Lagune_2

Bellila Lagune_3

Bellila Lagune_4

Bellila Volcane Pieds Coffee Table

Bellila Volcane Pieds is a coffee table with a strong design which offers a subtle balance between function and aesthetics. The wooden structure makes the lacquered white details truly pop, calling attention to whatever you decide to keep in the removable pot. Last but not least, a lower tray provides storage space that is easily accessible for any extras that you want to keep close at hand.

Bellila Volcane Pieds_1

Bellila Volcane Pieds_2

Bellila Volcane Pieds_3

Bellila Volcane Coffee Table

Bellila Volcane is a coffee table with a strong mineral character, which offers a subtle dosage between function and the esthetic. It is an imposing piece of furniture that greatly works in structuring the space surrounding it. It’s even equipped with a spacious storage space situated within its base, offering great functionality.

Bellila Volcane_1

Bellila Volcane_2

Bellila Volcane_3