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Edifier Dock Speaker

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Edifier specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end consumer audio electronics for the lifestyle and multimedia markets. This brand is renowned for its development and use of acoustic technology, superior manufacturing standards and uncompromised quality in design and production of audio electronics. Edifier is committed to extending the audio experience—this brand’s passion for sound knows no bounds.

Edifier iF500 Luna 5 Encore Dock Speaker

Edifier Luna5 Encore is an award-winning 5-driver speaker system that combines smooth curves with an avant-garde design. This docking station for iPhone and iPod also includes FM radio and auxiliary inputs for additional audio sources. This item has a unique floating dock that reduces vibrations and unwanted resonance while you’re jamming to your favorite tunes.

Edifier iF500 Luna 5 Encore Dock Speaker_1

Edifier iF500 Luna 5 Encore Dock Speaker_5

Edifier iF500 Luna 5 Encore Dock Speaker_4

Edifier iF500 Luna 5 Encore Dock Speaker_7

Edifier iF500 Luna 5 Encore Dock Speaker_8

Edifier iTick Tock Dock iF220

Edifier has got you covered with this amazing dock for Apple’s iPhone and iPod. This desktop item has a pivoting dock that charges your electronics while also providing clear bass and multi-directional sound. The dock can pivot out of sight when not in use and this product has auxiliary input for additional audio connections. Experience immersive, full bodied sound with this retro-looking speaker system.

Edifier iTick Tock Dock iF220_2

Edifier iTick Tock Dock iF220_1

Edifier iTick Tock Dock iF220_3

Edifier iTick Tock Dock iF220_4

Edifier Breathe iF600 Dock Speaker

Edifier Breathe iF600 is a signature audio system that’s compatible with both the iPod and iPhone. This system has a unique orb remote control that controls volume and playback and the audio performance is enhanced by the downward facing subwoofer. This speaker delivers clear, immersive sound for your environment and looks sleek and futuristic on your tabletop or media center.

Edifier Breathe iF600 Dock Speaker_2

Edifier Breathe iF600 Dock Speaker_5