Botta-Design Technical Time

Botta Design Technical Time

Intricately constructed in Germany, the Quartz and Automatic watches from Botta Design are characterized by a concentration on the bare essentials. The salient design features of every Botta Design wristwatch are functional clarity and a high degree of technical aesthetic which is underlined by the precision of the workmanship.

Botta-Design has already received 48 renowned design awards, both in Germany and abroad, including the prestigious Red Dot Award and Good Design Award.

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TRES 40mm Men’s Watch by Botta-Design

This sexy and sophisticated timepiece exudes confidence, class, and contemporary style. A simple, cream, and minimalist high-contrast dial is literate even in poor light conditions. Designed with no protruding parts, the case is straightforward and sleek, while the strap lugs are positioned directly underneath it to highlight its perfectly circular form. The Tres Automatic is also extremely precise and accurate, moving at eight steps per second. Lastly, because the case, brown leather strap, and clasp are all crafted from non-allergenic materials, you can be rest assured that this watch will remain comfortable to wear for years to come.

TRES 40mm Men's Watch by Botta-Design

MONDO Dual Timer Men’s Watch by Botta-Design

The dual timezone Mondo watch is the perfect remedy for your international lifestyle.

MONDO Dual Timer Men's Watch by Botta-Design

DUO 24 Men’s Watch by Botta-Design

Global premiere – the first ever world timer based on the one-hand principle. The Duo 24 allows this border to be easily overcome. A dual one-hand watch, it shows both the local time and the time at one additional timezone, using just one hand in each case.

This is the simple yet amazingly logical principal which the Duo 24 uses to give its wearer reassurance when dealing with different timezones.

DUO 24 Men's Watch by Botta-Design

Uno 24 – One Hand Men’s Watch by Botta-Design

There’s a popular saying which claims, “…things become clearer when you reduce them to their bare essentials.” This sentiment couldn’t ring more true when looking at the Uno Automatic collection, with their aesthetically ageless and classical approach to telling time. Simply one hand on the dial spares you from complication, while still completing 12 hour rotation just like any other conventional timepiece. The contrast of a bold white dial and a sleek black leather strap makes a statement that radiates quality and sophistication. Even better is the dial with its angled scale ring–it helps prevent the so-called “parallax effect” due to the fact that the precise scale is positioned very closely to the specially developed hand, making it all the more decipherable.

Uno 24 - One Hand Men's Watch by Botta-Design_1

Uno 24 - One Hand Men's Watch by Botta-Design_2

Helios Men’s Titanium Watch by Botta-Design

This is Botta’s quartz masterpiece. Botta spared no expense in the production of this watch in order to create one of the world’s slimmest, lightest watches while remaining highly durable – these are the qualities which characterize the Helios leather wristwatch from Botta-Design.

With a total height of just 4.9mm, the Helios could not be more comfortable to wear, especially under close-fitting garments such as shirt cuffs or motorcycle jackets. Clothing slides easily over the smooth, tapered watch face.

Helios Men's Titanium Watch by Botta-Design_1

Helios Men's Titanium Watch by Botta-Design_2

Helios Men's Titanium Watch by Botta-Design_3Bes