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byHorelli Lastu Stool

byHorelli designs and manufactures creative and innovative furniture for domestic and public spaces. The furniture pieces are unique in their own right and do not follow trends. We create furniture that is high in quality and lasts. All of our furniture is created with great respect and honour to the traditions of Finnish and Scandinavian furniture, whilst aiming to challenge, reform and create something new.

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byHorelli Lastu Stool

Rest your laurels on the Lastu Stool; it’s a naturalistic furniture piece with soft oak and a polished seat. This piece is perfect for lounging or stacking books and specialty houseware items.

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byHorelli Lastu Stool_2

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byHorelli Kaari Table

The Kaari is a specialty coffee table with a glossy finish and gorgeous wood. It stands at the intersection where form and function meet: rest your coffee cups on this artful style or leave it unadorned for a visual detail.

byHorelli Kaari Table_1

byHorelli Kaari Table_2

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byHorelli Kaari Table_3