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Samsung Smart Bike

Samsung Smart Bike

Presented during the Milan Design Week, Samsung Smart Bike is the most outstanding result of Samsung Maestros Academy project as well as the concrete outcome of two generations, working together, preserving and innovating ancient...
TOYOTA i-ROAD Electric Personal Mobility Vehicle

TOYOTA i-ROAD Electric Personal Mobility Vehicle

Toyota Motor Corporation debut the “Toyota i-Road” personal mobility concept at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show. The concept, a three-wheeler with motorcycle-like maneuverability, is ideally suited for short-distance urban travel and was designed...
iPhone 5 Concept Design

Next Generation iPhone Concept Design

What would change in the next generation iPhone? We could find numerous parts allegedly belonging to Appleā€™s next generation iPhone over the last few days. New Species Apple Laboratory unveiled their concept design for...
Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass: Augmented Reality Eyewear Glasses

Google Project Glass: the augmented reality glasses project were unveiled today by Google on a new Google+ page. Google announced some early videos and images show an augmented reality concept that’s deeply integrated with...