Decorpro Seamless Housewares

Decorpro Seamless Housewares

Decorpro housewares are seamless. From candle holders to coat racks, these designs are all about clean lines that add a little ingenuity to your everyday. Grab a few bottles of vintage vino and kick back with these serene additions.

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Decorpro Vino

Vino is a clever design that cradles your treasured bottle of wine and conveniently holds two wine glasses. One of the best things about the Vino is that it fits anywhere in your home. Stash one of these in your kitchen, on your bar, or near your fireplace setting.

Decorpro Vino_1

Decorpro Vino_2

Decorpro Vintages

Vintages is a simple, beautiful wine bottle display holder. Perfectly at home on the counter, mantle or dinner table, the gunmetal grey steel is bold and modern.

Decorpro Vintages_1

Decorpro Vintages_2

Decorpro Echo

Echo is made of two pieces of curved sheet metal that slide together to form a gorgeously rounded stand. Use the Echo wine bottle holder as a centerpiece to display that vintage you recently purchased.

Decorpro Echo_1

Decorpro Echo_2

Decorpro Ray

Ray is a multifunctional storage and organization device that allows you to conveniently store a variety of personal effects in one centralized location. Ray’s shape was designed to hold up to three pairs of shoes, but it’s also the perfect place to store keys, wallets and other daily necessities. Along the front edge there are several slotted holes through which to hang coat hangers. Streamline your daily routine with this handsome doorway organizer.

Decorpro Ray_1

Decorpro Ray_2

Decorpro Domino

Part of Decorpro’s Develpro line, Domino is a versatile modern tea light holder. Use it indoors or outdoors, displayed landscape or portrait to create adaptable warm lighting accents for any space. It’s a sleek sculptural addition to any patio, table or mantle place.

Decorpro Domino_1

Decorpro Domino_2

Decorpro Pyramid

Pyramid is a sleek, symmetrical tea light holder that creates a relaxing mood. It holds five tea lights at varying levels, creating a beautiful ambiance of warm firelight. Pyramid is a wonderful accent piece for a serene living room, bathroom, spa or table.

Decorpro Pyramid_1

Decorpro Pyramid_2

Decorpro Mirage

The Mirage tea light holder is a modern twist on a classic candelabra. Its bold lines create a sort of high rise of warm fire light, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Mirage’s vertical design makes the most of a small footprint, and is perfect for mood lighting small spaces.

Decorpro Mirage_1

Decorpro Mirage_2

Decorpro Loop

The Loop is an elegantly minimal coat hanger designed with diverse functionality. Its collar-shaped design allows coats to hang perfectly without wrinkling, and the built-in shelf is perfect for storing your keys, wallet and phone.

Decorpro Loop_1

Decorpro Loop_2