Fiduz BiB Wine Dispenser & Wine Cell

Fiduz-Design Pure BiB Dispenser

The initial foundation for Fiduz-Design was the Bag in Box dispenser. The idea was born at a smaller restaurant in Le-Havre, France, in 2007. The problem to solve was how to serve and present BiB wine more elegantly than the boxed shaped design. Thanks to years of refining the initial design, Fiduz-Design presents containers and dispensers with dual-function to preserve whilst simultaneously acting as a contemporary art fixture.

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Fiduz BiB Wine Dispenser

The wine dispenser for Bag in Box wine from Fiduz Design enhances the experience for enjoying BiB wine, also called boxed wine. The dispenser is Danish Design at its best, where design and function combine to form a beautiful and well-made product.

Wine served from this dispenser will draw attention to the quality of the wine- rarely a trait produced from boxed wine.

The bowl is easily portable from the table stand, to refrigerator storage, or easier serving round the table.

Fiduz-Design Pure BiB Dispenser_2

Fiduz-Design Pure BiB Dispenser_3

Fiduz Wine Cell

Wine Cell is a brand new concept solution for how to “store” your wine at home. Place the Wine Cell one by one anywhere on your wall. Then simply store/hang a single bottle of wine in each cell.

The concept is both practical and creative. Use your imagination and create a beautiful piece of art!

Fiduz-Design WineCell_1

Fiduz-Design WineCell_2