KLiP All-in-One Tea Brewer

KLiP All-in-One Tea Brewer

KLiP All-in-One Tea Brewer – the easiest way to brew your favorite tea blends. Built-in saucer lets you steep and sip to taste. Delicious tea every time!

The KLiP is a new take on brewing single serve tea, great for both bagged and whole leaf tea. The patent-pending, integrated saucer design, allow you to simply brew and go. No more waiting near a kitchen sink or be near a waste basket before fully enjoying your brew. This one of it’s kind infuser can be used in most all standard mugs, so there is no need to buy a special mug. Unlike other basket infusers which can get in the way, you can enjoy a sip of your favorite tea while it’s brewing, so you’ll know the exact moment your tea is ready…Perfect tea, each and every time.

So whether you’re at the office or in the comfort of your home, you may enjoy your favorite blend of tea hassle free and now you don’t need that saucer that clutter your workspace.

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