Ladoire Black Widow Light Watch

Ladoire Black Widow Light Watch

Be seduced by the dark magic of the Ladoire Black Widow Light Watch(which will be conveniently hand-delivered to you via a Brink’s Security truck). It’s one of twelve in world and marked by its stunning detailing—this bewitching timepiece features the 38 jewel Ladoire manufacture-made Calvet/o2 movement, a finely crafted ergonomic strap, and cambered glare-proofed sapphire crystal. This timepiece was awarded the prize for “Watch Architecture” by a distinguished panel of judges assembled by Couture Time for its deconstructionist vision.

This watch’s distinctive asymmetrical case, open-dial architecture, subtle time indications and elegant strap make for a timepiece that’s suitable for the collectors who enjoy the rarest works of craftsmanship in the world.

Stemming from an unbridled imagination and a decidedly offbeat mind-set—symbolised by the signature spider’s web engraved on the GMT wheel and ratchet of the RGT—creations by Ladoire Genève suggest a new relationship with time and resolutely avant-garde approach to Fine Watchmaking.

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