Lumi Wine Wall

Lumi Wine Wall

Lumi Wine Wall – What Once Held Wine Holds Wine Again. Turn your wine collection into an illuminated work of art. Upcycled wine barrel staves are incorporated with LED technology.

What makes the LUMI Wine Wall unique is re-purposing the natural arch of wine barrel staves creating a distinct handcrafted wine wall from upcycled American or French oak wine barrels. We took it a step further and incorporated Super Bright LED technology which saves 80% of electricity compared to regular lighting. They also have a life of more than 20,000 hours compared to 4,000 hour of a Halogen. Each bottle sits securely in it’s own space as if suspended in mid-air. The stave is mounted securely on a aircraft grade aluminum extrusion bar. LUMI fits any space or décor. There’s beauty in the flexibility of LUMI Wine Wall that allows you to start your collection with a single stave and grow your system as your collection evolves over time.

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