Nomad Portable Espresso Machine

Nomad Portable Espresso Machine

Nomad is a revolutionary green portable espresso machine that will liberate and enrich the coffee lifestyle of people around the world. If you are a coffee lover you’ll love having the Nomad with you wherever you go. It makes the highest quality espresso, and it does this anywhere you have coffee and hot water. The Nomad is clean and green. It needs no electricity, batteries, or high pressure gas cartridges. There are no expensive wasteful coffee pods or capsules to be discarded.

The Nomad is perfect for everyday use at home in the kitchen or garden. It’s the ideal espresso machine to use at work or in the field. The Nomad is a great companion for your RV, camping, and boating lifestyle. Whether you take it with you fishing, or hunting, or on a business trip the best espresso is right at your finger tips. The possibilities are endless. Just pack ground coffee, add hot water, and actuate the pump lever.
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