OxyLED LED Table Lamps

OxyLED Q1 LED Desk Lamp

OxyLED LED Table Lamps are unique contemporary lighting for the modern home or office. These well-designed pieces of functional sculptural perfection are the ideal pieces to illuminate your life in a stylish way. And because they feature an LED light source, you can save energy while enjoying fresh design in your home.

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OxyLED Q1 LED Desk Lamp

This is a stylish and graceful desk lamp with a uniquely functional design. The lamp has a built-in lithium polymer battery that charges it, and you can unplug the lamp and use it wirelessly. The built-in diffuser gives you a nice soft glow, and the touch controls give you the choice on how much or how little light you desire. This lamp is a truly impressive piece of industrial design, as you can illuminate your space without messy wires.

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OxyLED L120 LED Desk Lamp

Powered by low-voltage DC adapter, this OxyLED lamp, melding fashion and style, enables uniform distribution of LED light without direct glare and emits soft and even beams. This lamp, with adjustable brightness, is capable of swiveling, rotating and tilting flexibly for desired lighting height and angle. It is no doubt a great choice if you are still racking brains for something to keep at bay myopia, eye strain, double vision, etc.

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OxyLED Q3 LED Desk Lamp

This high-tech LED desk lamp features an ultra-thin plated edge lamp head, a ultra-thin goose neck lamp arm, and an ultra-thin lamp base. It also boasts an extremely low voltage input and lighting temperature for absolute safety. With three levels of brightness and a touch control, you decide how much light and energy to use. It is also rechargeable, and it delivers outstanding power-saving performance.

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OxyLED T10 LED Desk Lamp

This desk lamp adopts the latest generation of LED lighting technology, providing better lighting effect and higher light efficiency. Due to this new technology, this lamp enables uniform distribution of LED light without direct glare, and it emits soft and even beams. The color rendering index is more than 90, which means the color accuracy is better than most of LED lamps on the market. This patented design is slide-controlled; simply sliding one’s finger over it effortlessly adjusts lamp intensity from dim to bright.

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