Picchio Portuguese Furniture

Picchio ONO Bridge Dining Table

Designed by SUGUI design, Picchio Furniture Design project was born only in 2012, but thanks to its irreverence, innovation and determination in search of details to ensure high quality of materials and finished products, it has been an untold success in the world of design. Picchio aims to bring the best of Portuguese materials and design to the rest of the world.

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Picchio ONO Bridge Dining Table

This stunning dining table features a symmetrical and organic form that is balanced to perfection. Consisting of a single piece of solid wood, the top, feet, and casters feature textures resulting from the four-color process of its creation. Laterally, and from above, the glow of precious and semi-precious Swarovski stones can be seen where they are encrusted into the wood. It’s this subtle detail that provides a unique and distinctive sophistication.

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Picchio ONO Sideboard

The Ono Sideboard has a formal and yet organic dynamism, where a deliberate and precise line defines its entire image. This inventive piece is built in two parts, with solid wood making up both halves of the whole. The wood was cut from the top to create a customized texture that can never be duplicated. The two black wood drawers create a contrast that add a sophisticated additional layer of depth.

Picchio ONO Sideboard_1

Picchio ONO Sideboard_2

Picchio ONO Sideboard_3

Picchio ONO Sideboard_4

Picchio ONO Sideboard_5

Picchio VENCE inc Bureau

This piece of furniture features a parallel piped form, which creates a balance in the dynamics of this calico creation. Chromed stainless steel announces the angles of each drawer, framing a collection of lacquered woods in black and brown, and a hint of Portuguese cork, which Picchio has claimed as a trademark characteristic of their work. With no handles, this piece will fit perfectly against your wall, and draw the eye to its beautifully designed drawers every day.

Picchio VENCE inc Bureau_1

Picchio VENCE inc Bureau_2

Picchio VENCE inc Bureau_3

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Picchio BOLZANO Wine Dining Table

This living room table is built from natural cork cylinders of different lengths, which create a sense of random movement from the side. The top of all cylinders constitute the lid of the table, safeguarded by a pane of clear glass that shows off the texture of the Portuguese cork. The molten copper table legs create a refined and creative contrast.

Picchio BOLZANO Wine Dining Table_1

Picchio BOLZANO Wine Dining Table_2

Picchio BOLZANO Wine Dining Table_3

Picchio BOLZANO Wine Dining Table_4

Picchio BOLZANO Wine Dining Table_5