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Steinhausen affordably luxurious watches

Steinhausen produces affordably luxurious watches that won’t break the bank. Their design capabilities are ever-expanding—from classic timepieces to modern silhouettes—but the quality remains consistent with every style evolution. Pick up a Steinhausen watch for a breathtaking look—this sale has everything from automatic to “floating” quartz timepieces.

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Steinhausen Pont De Pure Full Automatic Watch

You’ll count your compliments with this handsome Pont De Pure timepiece. This stylish watch features a silver dual pattern expandable bracelet, automatic self winding composition and water resistance to 33 feet.

Steinhausen Pont De Pure Full Automatic Watch_2

Steinhausen Pont De Pure Full Automatic Watch_1

Steinhausen Pont De Pure Full Automatic Watch_3

Steinhausen Atlantis II Watch

Update your watch collection with this optical illusion. The “floating” quartz dial is beautiful and the black leather band is stylish too. This silhouette features a stationary, stainless steel bezel and traditional buckle.

Steinhausen Atlantis II Watch_2

Steinhausen Atlantis II Watch_3

Steinhausen Atlantis II Watch_1

Steinhausen Atlantis II Watch_4