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The Magic Wallet

The Magic Wallet is an incredibly thin aluminium wallet for many international bills with your custom design, carbon fiber or natural leather base. It is incredibly thin, only 4.5 mm or 0.177 inches without money.

The base for the wallet is made from aluminum 6061 (aircraft grade), treated with sandblasting and anodizing. The inside of the wallet includes specially developed silicon bands that are resistant and durable, making the wallet strong and impervious to wear and tear. The top covering of the wallet has three options: Carbon Fiber, Natural Leather and Special Anodized Aluminium Plates that is used for printing. You can make your own personal design for your wallet.


The magic: Put the paper bills inside the wallet and open the wallet from the other side. Bam! Your money is safely secured under the rubber band. You can repeat the trick and impress your friends and family. Plastic Cards are very easy to stored inside the wallet. It has the capacity to hold up to ten cards. The durable rubber bands will not let even a single credit card fall out.

RFID protection: The Magic Wallet will block 100% of RFID rays and all of your personal and bank information will be safe. Check the video.

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