TRIARROWS Classic Wrist Watches

Triarrows was founded in 2010, with the aim of designing watches based on inspiration drawn from trends in wrist and from values of life and time. They not only incorporate functions and technical elements into their watches, but they ensure each of their timepieces is unique, fashionable, timeless and matches the wearer’s lifestyle.

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TRIARROWS TPT05 Poet Multifunctional Watch

Now is the time to slow down and relax, to enjoy a sip of coffee or enjoy the sunset. This watch tells you the time, but doesn’t scream it, preferring the quiet voice of a Poet to communicate the passage of time. A Miyota 6P25 Quartz Movement and a multifunctional 2 sub-dial (day/date) allows you to truly treasure this timepiece.

TRIARROWS TPT05 Poet Multifunctional

TRIARROWS TPT05 Poet Multifunctional

TRIARROWS TPT06 Poet Multifunctional Watch

TRIARROWS TPT06 Poet Multifunctional

TRIARROWS TPT04 Poet Multifunctional Watch

TRIARROWS TPT04 Poet Multifunctional

TRIARROWS TPT03 Poet Multifunctional Watch

TRIARROWS TPT05 Poet Multifunctional

TRIARROWS TGY06 Gentry Small Second Watch

The Gentry Small Second watch series blends trendy and classical elements into one. It is designed to be an elegant, classy and noble watch that true gentlemen ought to become accustomed to. Based on a bow and arrow concept, its case has a bow-shaped design, and the crown features a bull’s eye pattern, regulating time in the same way that you regulate the direction of your life. The caseback has a revolving three hand pattern and the Triarrows symbol, while the dial features a central compass and handwritten series inscription. With two hands and a small second function, it’s truly a unique piece fit for the modern man of refinement.

TRIARROWS TGY06 Gentry Small Second

TRIARROWS TGY06 Gentry Small Second

TRIARROWS TGY04 Gentry Small Second Watch

TRIARROWS TGY04 Gentry Small Second

TRIARROWS TGY05 Gentry Small Second Watch

TRIARROWS TGY05 Gentry Small Second