Best Deals: Ben Sherman Hats, Stitch’s, Vestige, Simon Spurr Suits & Sportcoats, The Fall Denim Edit, J. Fold Wallets, The Chukka Boot, Rimowa, The Eiffel Tower Chair, Turkish Bath Towels, Zojirushi at MYHABIT

Ben Sherman Hats at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS TUE SEP 15 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Hats & Scarves & More feat. Ben Sherman, Stitch’s, Vestige, Simon Spurr Suits & Sportcoats, The Fall Denim Edit, The Fall Edit: Burgundy & Grey & Black, J. Fold Wallets, The Chukka Boot, Travel Investments: New Markdowns feat. Rimowa, Design School: The Eiffel Tower Chair, Turkish Bath Towels, Zojirushi at MYHABIT.
Hats, Scarves & More feat. Ben Sherman at MYHABIT

Hats, Scarves & More feat. Ben Sherman at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Great accessories are the icing on the cake. The supporting cast to the main ensemble. In short? They can make or break a look. Don’t get caught without the right finishing touches—start your stockpile here. With this array of hats, scarves and more, you’ll have sharp style right down to the details.

Stitch's at MYHABIT

Stitch’s at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Founded by the developers of Da-Nang Surplus, Stitch’s style is an “interpretation of the Old West fused with equal parts rock ‘n’ roll and Americana.” This quality denim is aged in antique redwood barrels outside Evansville, Wyoming. And Stitch’s uses real brass buttons and fittings that are molded after coins minted in the 1880s. Whether you are in OKC or NYC you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way in these denim works of art.

Vestige at MYHABIT

Vestige at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Graphic tees that inspire are what Vestige is all about. Easy, layerable, and stylish, this brand inspired by modern art offers shirts that will soon become your new standby. And with soft materials, you can skip the pesky “breaking in” stage that new tees usually require and skip straight to the glorious cuddliness of a genuine vintage item.

Simon Spurr Suits & Sportcoats at MYHABIT

Simon Spurr Suits & Sportcoats at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Born and raised in Britain, Simon Spurr’s impeccably-cut suits and sportcoats have received acclaim in the fashion world for invigorating and updating menswear as we know it. With telltale sleek cuts, Spurr’s experience at brands like YSL and Ralph Lauren bring a classic edge to his sharply-tailored pieces. Score a suit or casual-leaning jacket for less with this collection from the designer.

The Fall Denim Edit at MYHABIT

The Fall Denim Edit at MYHABIT       Check It Out

From dark as midnight to super faded finishes, there are as many shades of fall denim as there are shades of leaves on the autumn trees. Be sure your closet is stocked with plenty of options—right for everything from casual Fridays and weekend dates to laidback Sundays watching football. Here, find an array of slim cuts in a spectrum of blue washes.

The Fall Edit Burgundy, Grey & Black at MYHABIT

The Fall Edit: Burgundy, Grey & Black at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Is black your go to? Give your favorite dark hue some fall-friendly companions—deep burgundy and cool grey. Mixing and matching these hues creates an autumnal look that’s a fresh alternative to head-to-toe black. Here find sweaters and boots, trousers and tees, outerwear and more, all in rich a palette perfect for the season.

J. Fold Wallets at MYHABIT

J. Fold Wallets at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Inspired as much by vintage cars as they are by industrial design and classic sneakers, J. Fold’s wallets are on the cutting edge of contemporary style. Score one of these leather billfolds for an essential accessory you’ll love showing off.

The Chukka Boot at MYHABIT

The Chukka Boot at MYHABIT       Check It Out

These mid-top marvels deliver sneaker-caliber comfort, but with a more polished vibe. Chukka boots manage to fit in to happy hour, date night and weekend looks, while standing out in a sea of tired kicks. Choose from polished, sueded, moc-toe and more—and enjoy the upgrade.

Travel Investments New Markdowns feat. Rimowa at MYHABIT

Travel Investments: New Markdowns feat. Rimowa at MYHABIT       Check It Out

You’ve been bit by the travel bug. Why not invest in travel and style at the same time with these stunning attaches, duffels, trolley cases and more from high-end designers like Rimowa and more. Known for their tell-tale grooved cases, Rimowa has been one of the most respected names in luggage since 1898. So whether you’re simply escaping the city for a weekend or hauling your belongings halfway across the globe, these beautiful pieces of luggage will be sure to turn heads.

Design School The Eiffel Tower Chair at MYHABIT

Design School: The Eiffel Tower Chair at MYHABIT       Check It Out

If you’re looking to add a classic-yet-unique touch to any room, look no further than this collection of chairs with the iconic Eiffel Tower base design. Originally featured on Charles and Ray Eames’ DSR molded plastic and fiberglass armchairs, these Eames and Eiffel-inspired pieces will be conversation starters for your guests while adding a lightweight and architectural look to your space.

Turkish Bath Towels at MYHABIT

Turkish Bath Towels at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Inspired by 19th century Mediterranean baths, these hammam-style towels are a classic in any bathroom or powder room. Each lightweight design features an arrangement of stripes and knotted fringe ends. Some combine a smooth cotton side with a wicking terry cloth backing. Add these versatile fouta towels to your linen collection and instantly transform your bath into an at-home spa.

Zojirushi at MYHABIT

Zojirushi at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Legendary Japanese kitchen innovators Zojirushi made a name for themselves after inventing the revolutionary vacuum bottles that inspired countless containers. At the heart of Zojirushi’s philosophy lies their desire to improve their customers’ quality of life through the creation of life-changing products like their easily-sealed mugs, rice cookers and more. Make your life a little bit simpler with this home goods brand.