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Desigual at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS SUN NOV 1 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Desigual, British Inspired: Outerwear feat. Hardy Amies, Embrace the Outdoors: Casual Styles, Ozone Socks, Right for the Season: Chukka Boots, Strumento Marino Watches, The Sports Memorabilia & Luggage & Lighting & Kitchen Shop at MYHABIT.

Desigual at MYHABIT

Desigual at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Founded in 1984, Barcelona-based Desigual creates bold, expressive clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Each season, the brand’s design team creates a collection built around a single, unifying concept. The garments and accessories are then constructed using the unique method of production in parts—each with its own design, colors and fabrics—and then assembled in different combinations. The brand is known for its patchwork designs, exuberant prints, innovative graffiti art and flamboyant splashes of color.

Embrace the Outdoors Casual Styles at MYHABIT

Embrace the Outdoors: Casual Styles at MYHABIT       Check It Out

From hiking to tailgating, concerts to campfires, this collection of casual, outdoor-ready styles offers great gear for your weekend adventures. Whether your look is casual and sporty, classic and preppy, or you’re always one step ahead of the trends, you’ll find tees, polos, pants, outerwear and more in this mix of outdoorsy designs.

British Inspired Outerwear feat. Hardy Amies at MYHABIT

British Inspired: Outerwear feat. Hardy Amies at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Smart, simple and modern. British style is exceptionally dapper and a major aspiration for those who want to channel their inner 007. Here, a selection of coats and jackets for a rainy day from our favorite British designers. From classic peacoats to iconic trenches and more, these styles will keep you warm on those chilly, dreary days.

Ozone Socks at MYHABIT

Ozone Socks at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Ozone Socks is all about putting fun back in to the art of dressing. Since 2000, this brand has been crafting boldly patterned and vibrantly colored socks for the modern man who loves to add a bit of unexpected detail to any look. And with their superior construction methods, for once you won’t have to worry about the Ozone getting a bit hole-y.

Right for the Season Chukka Boots at MYHABIT

Right for the Season: Chukka Boots at MYHABIT       Check It Out

A go-to style for the season, the chukka boot is right with almost everything in your fall wardrobe. Pair these comfortable shoes with your wear-to-work basics for a quirky touch or with your casual pieces for a refined yet relaxed look. They’re a staple in a modern guy’s cool-weather wardrobe.

Strumento Marino Watches at MYHABIT

Strumento Marino Watches at MYHABIT       Check It Out

The combination of gorgeous Italian design, reliable Japanese mechanisms and superior functionality make up everything that is truly great about Strumento Marino watches. As its name may suggest, these watches are inspired by the sea—and as such these designs are water resistant and are perfect for all your nautical adventures.

The Sports Memorabilia Shop at MYHABIT

The Sports Memorabilia Shop at MYHABIT      Check It Out

Established in 1987, Steiner is a trusted name in the world of sports memorabilia. Here, a collection featuring collectibles from all your favorite sports—from autographed equipment and jerseys to framed photos and plaques.

The Luggage Shop at MYHABIT

The Luggage Shop at MYHABIT      Check It Out

Book the trip, we’ve got the bags. These pieces ensure that whether you’re hitting the road or cruising at 30,000 feet, you’ll be a steward of style. These getaway-ready companions have plenty of room for all your essentials and look good while keeping you organized. This is the gear that makes traveling even more of a treat.

The Lighting Shop at MYHABIT

The Lighting Shop at MYHABIT      Check It Out

Looking for an easy way to update your décor? With a simple flip of a switch, your place can feel completely refreshed. Add a new fixture and complement or accent your room’s style. Select from this brilliant range of options, then brighten up and enjoy a new perspective on your space.

The Kitchen Shop at MYHABIT

The Kitchen Shop at MYHABIT      Check It Out

Cooking up a good meal will never go out of style. So make sure your kitchen is well-equipped. From cookware to cutlery, no matter what your next culinary adventure may be, there’s a piece in this collection that will make it even more delicious.