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Farah 1920 at MYHABIT

Farah 1920 at MYHABIT            Check It Out

With a history steeped in combat wear during WW2, FARAH 1920 became the it-brand in the ‘80s amongst British Mods and hipsters. Today, their designs are as on-trend and tuned-in to the culture as ever. Take this collection for example, featuring classic American sweatshirts, tailored button-down shirts and military-inspired outerwear.

Color Siete at MYHABIT

Color Siete at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Take a page out of the global fashion scene with the fresh designs found in this collection. With the latest cuts from Colombia, Color Siete’s innovative designers incorporate Latin American flavor into casual pieces that complement your modern lifestyle. Here, find a selection of pants, shirts and jackets.

Rainforest Outerwear at MYHABIT

Rainforest Outerwear at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Since the mid-‘80s, Rainforest has offered a line of outerwear crafted using innovative technology and fabrics to protect you from the elements. But looking good is just as important as staying warm and dry. Here, find a collection of coats and jackets featuring a tailored fit, functional details and classic colors. Button up a quilted jacket or parka to shield you from the wind and weather without compromising your style.

Elevated Essentials feat. Gilded Age at MYHABIT

Elevated Essentials feat. Gilded Age at MYHABIT            Check It Out

You’re not one of those guys who thinks casual mean grubby T-shirts and had-them-since-college sweatpants. You know how to look good when you’re dressing down. And this collection—with labels like Gilded Age, James Perse and Band of Outsiders in the mix—is just right for adding to the cool everyday essentials in your closet. Find tees and polo, button-up shirts and pullover sweaters, dark denim and chinos. All the building blocks of a laidback wardrobe that’s high on style.

Report Collection & Harvé Benard at MYHABIT

Report Collection & Harvé Benard at MYHABIT            Check It Out

In these cooler months, layering is not an option. So make sure you’ve got the best options for leveling-up your layered look. Here, a collection of essential pieces to do just that: Crisp button-ups in classic styles, warm knits to pile over top and even a rakish velvet jacket to top things off.

Denim Favorites: Slim, Straight & More at MYHABIT

Denim Favorites: Slim, Straight & More at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Jeans are your go-to, so you need plenty of options in your closet. Here, a collection of denim in an array of cuts and finishes. Light to dark, selvedge to distressed, slim fit to loose cut—there’s a pair here for every occasion. Find your favorite.

The Rugged Look: Boots at MYHABIT

The Rugged Look: Boots at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Channel your inner lumberjack this fall with a rugged edge to your look. This collection of boots features durable leather construction and heavy-duty lugged soles that are up to that tasks ranging from deep woodlands hiking to navigating the wilds of the urban jungle. Pair up with raw denim and a warm plaid flannel. For extra chilly days, don’t forget a knit cap.

$99 & Under: Watches at MYHABIT

$99 & Under: Watches at MYHABIT            Check It Out

A watch adds style and sophistication to a man’s look. And that’s why he can never have too many. Find a timepiece (or two) here that will round out your collection. Designs here range from timeless and classic to sporty and multi-functional. Whichever you choose, you’ll be on time and looking good.

a & R Cashmere at MYHABIT

a & R Cashmere at MYHABIT            Check It Out

When it comes to fabrics, there is nothing more luxurious than cashmere and wool and no other materials are more coveted. This collection from a & R Cashmere offers gorgeous throws, slippers and robes in blends of cashmere and wool. Each piece is perfect for cozying up at home or for toting on a flight to that winter getaway.

Plum Knobs & Decorative Hardware at MYHABIT

Plum Knobs & Decorative Hardware at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Rejuvenate an antique chest or add an elegant touch to a cabinet or vanity. This collection features a range of sparkling and ceramic designs that are sure to add new life to your old, and new, favorites. There’s no need to hold back: take a count, select your style and get ready to revive your furniture in an instant.

Metallic Accent Furniture by Prima Design Source at MYHABIT

Metallic Accent Furniture by Prima Design Source at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Reflect on this: a sculptural, metallic accent is a wonderful way to add texture and lightness to any space. From modern lines and refined traditional details, this elegant collection of one-of-a-kind accent tables features a wondrous array of shapes and silhouettes, each beautifully designed and crafted by skilled artisans. Find the piece that speaks to you and add it to your favorite place.

Susan Art Framed Prints at MYHABIT

Susan Art Framed Prints at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Artwork can transform a room instantly with rich color, texture and depth. And this collection will certainly inspire and delight any space. Here, find seascapes, mountain landscapes, botanical images and more, all beautifully framed and ready to hang.

Best Electrics feat. Breville & Vitamix at MYHABIT

Best Electrics feat. Breville & Vitamix at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Appliances aren’t just about convenience in the kitchen. They allow us to create dishes and treats we couldn’t without them. Blenders mix up power smoothies. Espresso machines brew up the perfect cup of joe. Mixers incorporate batter and dough to just the right consistency. Get equipped and conquer any recipe.

Hanukkah Heirlooms feat. Legacy Judaica at MYHABIT

Hanukkah Heirlooms feat. Legacy Judaica at MYHABIT            Check It Out

It’s almost time for making latkes, singing songs and spinning the celebrated top for gelt. It’s an eight-day tradition that’s always fun and festive. Prepare for the celebration. Add these traditional and modern designs to your own collection or give them as gifts to newlyweds and families starting their first home.