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James Perse Hooded Baja Pull-Over Sweater

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Labels We Like: James Perse & More at MYHABIT

Labels We Like: James Perse & More at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Everybody loves casual Fridays. Here you’ll find much-loved pieces that work well for the office and beyond: Printed sport shirts. Classic crewnecks and cableknit pullovers. Colored jeans and chinos. You’ll love these easy transitional pieces that’ll have you ready for any desk-to-dinner situation.

Haspel at MYHABIT

Haspel at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Since 1909, Haspel has defined a true American style, pioneering the seersucker suit and making preppy looks popular for celebrities, politicians and college men alike. Here, a selection of shirts, blazers and more from the line that allow any guy to embrace modern and tailored interpretations on classic menswear.

Original Penguin at MYHABIT

Original Penguin at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Started in 1955 with a penchant for golf and a precocious tie-clad penguin logo, Original Penguin started off as simple golf shirt company. With a major revival in the 2000s, the company has grown to a full line of clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and even kids. From their original golf shirt these retro-inflected styles have been updated for the modern shopper and feature their iconic Pete the Penguin logo. Indubitably, the brand is bigger than ever with their casually hip designs.

Just In: Sportcoats feat. Ibiza at MYHABIT

Just In: Sportcoats feat. Ibiza at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Suiting is occasionally (or often) something you must wear, but aren’t necessarily excited about. This collection from Ibiza is sure to change your mind. Choose from checkered or solid sport coats that are cut to perfection to create a modern, smart look. Made from top-notch materials with expert craftsmanship, each of these pieces has a timeless quality.

Levi's at MYHABIT

Levi’s at MYHABIT            Check It Out

The Levi’s name is synonymous with denim and rightfully so; the company has been making the most iconic pair of jeans for 150 years. Levi Strauss & Co. came to prominence early by patenting an idea to use copper rivets to reinforce stress points in denim but cemented their legacy when they created the world’s best-selling piece of clothing in the 1890s: The 501 jean. Featured here is the iconic style along with some of its contemporary slim fitting counterparts.

Battistoni Ties at MYHABIT

Battistoni Ties at MYHABIT            Check It Out

If you’re the kind of guy who enjoys the art of dressing—selecting just the right tie to go with a colored shirt—then you’ll appreciate this collection from icon of fine tailoring, Battistoni. Crafted in Italy from sumptuous silk in designs ranging from novelty prints to classic patterns, these ties complement your wardrobe and underscore your good taste.

Happy Socks at MYHABIT

Happy Socks at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Socks are just socks, right? Not when it comes to Sweden-based Happy Socks, who are peerless in their cool designs and unmatched comfort. The finest fabrics and manufacturing processes ensure Happy Socks won’t shrink on you, will feel great and can outlast the competition. Bonus? All that colorful comfort is sure to put an extra spring in your step.

Up to 70% Off: Designer Apparel at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Designer Apparel at MYHABIT            Check It Out

For some guys, just looking good isn’t enough. For them, it’s about bringing a distinctive perspective and style to their dressing every day. This collection of unique pieces walks straight off the runway and into your closet. Distinctive photo print tees, tailored styles and high-quality construction. These are pieces for the guy who likes to leave a lasting impression.

Up to 70% Off: Designer Accessories at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Designer Accessories at MYHABIT            Check It Out

It’s all about the details. Especially come winter, when it is the details that will keep you warm: A knit hat. A plaid scarf. And cashmere gloves.

Up to 70% Off: Designer Shoes at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Designer Shoes at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Elevate your shoe wardrobe with these handsome styles from some of our favorite designers. Luxury. Quality craftsmanship. High-end style. This collection of dress shoes, sneakers and boots will take your wardrobe from basic to brilliant.

Burnetie at MYHABIT

Burnetie at MYHABIT            Check It Out

From their zero waste facility to their commitment of high-quality, sustainable products Bruneties is commited to providing you with the highest quality products. Whether they are a pair of winter boots or a new pair of sneakers these deesigns are made with your personal style and ethics in mind.

Street Sneakers feat. Slate & Stone at MYHABIT

Street Sneakers feat. Slate & Stone at MYHABIT            Check It Out

From the sidewalk to the office to the club, sneakers are not just for workouts anymore. From slick hi-tops paired with jeans to low-profile slip-ons with casual trousers, the wardrobe staple is really having a moment. This sneaker collection serves up the simple and the modern: Classic and updated silhouettes. Printed and multicolor options. And unexpected details.

Just Cavalli Accessories at MYHABIT

Just Cavalli Accessories at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Since 1970, Roberto Cavalli has been celebrated for his unique design aesthetic which embodies all things bold, colorful and opulent. This collection from the designer’s Just Cavalli label features everyday accessories with undeniable panache. Choose a style here and transform your look in an instant.

Up to 70% Off: Designer Watches at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Designer Watches at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Fun fact: You can tell a lot about a man from the watch he wears. Your sharp-suited colleague wearing that bright blue watch? Maybe not so buttoned-up after all. Your jeans-and-a-tee clad pal rocking a classic leather style? Maybe not so casual in the end. So, gents, what’s your story?