Best Deals: Jane & Bleeker Sleepwear,Levi’s, NYDJ, Stella Carakasi, Les Copain & Blue Les Copain, Carolina Amato, Printed Village Scarves, Chocolat Blu, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fraydee Jewelry Collection, Algenist Skincare at MYHABIT

Sleepwear featuring Jane & Bleeker at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS FRI JUN 26 AT 9 AM PT, deals include $39 & Under: Sleepwear featuring Jane & Bleeker, Denim Favorites: Levi’s, NYDJ & More, Up to 70% Off: Stella Carakasi, New Markdowns: Les Copain & Blue Les Copain, Carolina Amato, Under $18: Printed Village Scarves, The Ankle Strap Sandal, Chocolat Blu, Designer Wishlist, New Markdowns: Marc by Marc Jacobs & More, Under $49: Playful Sunnies, Starting at $25: Fraydee Jewelry Collection, Skincare feat. Algenist, $4 & Up: Beauty Tools at MYHABIT.

$39 & Under Sleepwear featuring Jane & Bleeker at MYHABIT

$39 & Under: Sleepwear featuring Jane & Bleeker at MYHABIT        Check It Out

If you’ve been wearing the same pajamas to bed for the last few years, it’s time to update your after-hours attire. Here, discover a complete collection of pajama sets, robes and more in all of your favorite brands. No matter your preference, you’ll find pieces here to match your downtime style.

Denim Favorites Levi's, NYDJ & More at MYHABIT

Denim Favorites: Levi’s, NYDJ & More at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Nothing beats stylish and versatile denim. Here, a collection featuring an array of jeans, leggings and tops for perfectly pairing. Whether you prefer to match your denim with a hoodie and T-shirt or a silk blouse and pumps, these pieces will fit with any personal style.

Up to 70 Off Stella Carakasi at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Stella Carakasi at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Offering just the right mix of unique design and comfort, this collection from Stella Carakasi is rife with supremely wearable pieces that are high on style. Find beautifully draped tops, dresses, pants and more that instantly elevate your everyday look.

New Markdowns Les Copain & Blue Les Copain at MYHABIT

New Markdowns: Les Copain & Blue Les Copain at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Since the 1950s, Les Copains has been a leader in luxury knitwear. Embracing a sophisticated “Made in Italy” aesthetic, the label’s main collection combines uncompromising quality with exceptional tailoring and feminine details.

Carolina Amato at MYHABIT

Carolina Amato at MYHABIT        Check It Out

The perfect summer scarf. Versatile. Effortlessly chic.This mix of lightweight designs from Carolina Amato features a host of options from subtle solids to playful prints and bold stripes. In cotton, linen and gauzy blends, you’re certain to reach for these transitional styles again and again.

Under $18 Printed Village Scarves at MYHABIT

Under $18: Printed Village Scarves at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Printed Village is unique in that it’s the only brand that’s also a designer community. Each month, designers submit artwork for scarves and one design is chosen among the submissions—so every scarf is like a wearable piece of art. Here a collection of lightweight options from the line featuring winning designs that are perfect for adding some punch to your summer look.

The Ankle Strap Sandal at MYHABIT

The Ankle Strap Sandal at MYHABIT        Check It Out

We wear bracelets to accent our wrists—and we think our ankles deserve to get a little dressed up, too. That’s why we love an ankle strap shoe: It adds just the right amount of adornment to a simple silhouette and accents our legs in just the right way. Here, find some of our favorite takes on this fashion-forward footwear, all in strappy styles just right for summer.

Chocolat Blu at MYHABIT

Chocolat Blu at MYHABIT        Check It Out

An NYC-based shoe company, Chocolat Blu got its start in the early aughts as an exclusive brand for a New York City boutique. Specializing in quality, comfortable and unique designs, the brand can now be found in trendy shops the nation over. Perfect for any woman with a flair for the unexpected.

Designer Wishlist at MYHABIT

Designer Wishlist at MYHABIT        Check It Out

While your clothing is the star of the show, your accessories are important supporting players. Here, a collection of scarves, belts, wallets and more from favorite labels. They’re the gorgeous finishing touches your outfit needs in timeless styles you’ll reach for year after year, season after season. Go ahead, treat yourself to that piece that you’ve been coveting.

New Markdowns Marc by Marc Jacobs & More at MYHABIT

New Markdowns: Marc by Marc Jacobs & More at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Sophisticated style is all in the wrist. Make every day a little more luxurious with one of these timeless timepieces in leather, silicone or stainless steel. You can count on them to dress up your weekend wear and make any professional look shine.

Under $49 Playful Sunnies at MYHABIT

Under $49: Playful Sunnies at MYHABIT        Check It Out

When it comes to shopping, there are few things more exhilarating than finding the perfect thing at a price you can’t pass up. Here, find a collection of sunglasses from brands we know you love (at prices you’ll love even more).

Starting at $25 Fraydee Jewelry Collection at MYHABIT

Starting at $25: Fraydee Jewelry Collection at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Launched in 2010 by designer Feida Rothman, Fraydee creates contemporary jewelry that combines fun with modern sophistication. Specializing in stackable bangles, rings and layerable necklaces, the line combines sterling silver or brass base and a variety of luxurious platings and textures, adding sparkle with the highest quality hand cut, hand set cubic zirconia.

Skincare feat. Algenist at MYHABIT

Skincare feat. Algenist at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Gorgeous skin is well within reach thanks to this collection of luxurious products. Choose from serums, creams and more to achieve a glowing, healthy complexion, no matter your skin type.

$4 & Up Beauty Tools at MYHABIT

$4 & Up: Beauty Tools at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Like a painter needs a great canvas and the right brushes, we need the right resources to achieve the flawless skin and lustrous hair we want. Enter this collection. From body cleansing and makeup brushes to tweezers, blenders and hairbrushes, you’re sure to find the right tool to get the results you want.