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Modway Marina 8 Piece Outdoor Patio Teak Sofa Set

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First Look: New Modway Furniture at MYHABIT

First Look: New Modway Furniture at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Give your space a contemporary edge with this collection of furniture from Modway. Sleek lines, luxurious materials from leather to steel and simple, clean colors mark the pieces here. Elevate your home décor with these impressive designs.

The Modern Tropical Cabana at MYHABIT

The Modern Tropical Cabana at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Daydreaming of warm breezes and sandy beaches? Create a tropical island-inspired space with the furniture, lighting and décor featured here. Vibrant colors and botanical details brighten up any room, while materials like bamboo and teak offer organic appeal worthy of any seaside retreat.

Estate Finds: The Grand Library at MYHABIT

Estate Finds: The Grand Library at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Our special buying source searches locales near and far for unique treasures with a bit of history. Here, a collection of furniture décor accents to help you create the look of a distinguished library in your home. Traditional rugs that look perfect in front of the fireplace. Handsome wood tables that can double as desks. Decorative books to fill out your bookshelves. Landscapes and antique maps to adorn the walls. All that’s missing is your favorite sweater and slippers.

Organization Solutions: Bath & Closet Edition at MYHABIT

Organization Solutions: Bath & Closet Edition at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Whether you live in a home or a tiny apartment, finding somewhere to put all your stuff can be a challenge. So let’s make it easy. Here, a collection of functional storage pieces that will assist in cutting down on the clutter. Over-the-door shoe racks and baskets. Garment racks and accessory shelves. Functional and organized. What more could you ask for?

Traditional Lighting: Chandeliers & Sconces at MYHABIT

Traditional Lighting: Chandeliers & Sconces at MYHABIT            Check It Out

With just the flick of a switch, lighting can transform a room, a look, an entire mood. Rejuvenate and illuminate your space with this collection of chandeliers, sconces and lamps featuring traditional ornate details, classic silhouettes and distinct finishes. Just a piece or two will give your room that recognizable style.

Contemporary Graphic Rugs at MYHABIT

Contemporary Graphic Rugs at MYHABIT            Check It Out

A beautiful rug is as much a piece of artwork as a framed watercolor or collage of photographs. That’s why it’s essential to find one that simultaneously stands out and blends in with its surrounding décor. Here, you’ll find a collection of bold and stunning styles that are easy on the eyes—and soft on the feet.

Art Addiction Graphic Acrylic Artwork at MYHABIT

Art Addiction Graphic Acrylic Artwork at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Adorning a wall with art is a quick way to freshen the look of a room. Make an impact in your space with one of these bold graphic pieces. Geometry, pattern and color are all celebrated in this collection. Find the piece that speaks to you and make your space look fab.

Artists From A-Z at MYHABIT

Artists From A-Z at MYHABIT            Check It Out

That blank wall in your space? Fill it with art. Set the tone for the whole room with a piece that speaks to your style and personality. Find it in this collection. Reproductions of the masters. Black and white cityscapes. Vintage art. The work of contemporary artists. Here, you’ll discover the artwork that will catch your eye and keep it.

Grand Gifting at MYHABIT

Grand Gifting at MYHABIT            Check It Out

If you want to show your appreciation or give congratulations in a truly spectacular way, these are the gifts for the job. From fine fountain pens to designer snow globes, ashtrays and more, the unique and luxurious pieces here are sure to impress.

Ruffoni at MYHABIT

Ruffoni at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Can pots and pans be considered beautiful? In this case, the answer is a definitive yes. The picks in this stunning collection from Italian coppersmith Ruffoni are widely considered to be the ultimate in cookware. Copper, which is particularly resistant to bacteria, can cook at a lower temperature—and is a true beauty to behold.

Foodie Favorites: Patchi Chocolates at MYHABIT

Foodie Favorites: Patchi Chocolates at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Deliciously decadent, Patchi boasts a unique heritage of exceptional chocolate gifts that make life exquisite. Patchi gourmet chocolates are crafted with cocoa butter and no preservatives, artificial flavors or vegetable oil are ever used. The result is a rich, smooth chocolate that adds a touch of decadence to gifts for friends and loved ones—or even yourself.

Foodie Favorites: Dancing Deer Baking Co. at MYHABIT

Foodie Favorites: Dancing Deer Baking Co. at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Known for superior taste, artful but simple packaging and pure, high-quality ingredients, Dancing Deer Baking Co. treats are a true delight. Cookies, brownies and more have no preservatives and are Kosher, because the brand stands for purity and freshness. Perfect for gifts, these packages are a tasty way to show you care.

Foodie Favorites: Palais des Thés Tea at MYHABIT

Foodie Favorites: Palais des Thés Tea at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Being a socially conscious consumer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Shiraleah’s goal is to combine environmentally sound and sustainable practices with high quality and fashionable home goods and accessories. The result is a line that bridges the gap between classic and street style and incorporates a global twist through color and material.

Foodie Favorites: COFFEED Premium Coffee at MYHABIT

Foodie Favorites: COFFEED Premium Coffee at MYHABIT            Check It Out

New-York based COFFEED takes your cup o’ joe very seriously. The small, dedicated team sources their beans from the finest farms in the world, via fair trade or directly from the farmers themselves, and then roasts them using a continually refined process to produce superior results. Even better? Each COFFEED location donates 5-10% of gross revenue to charity—and that includes the beans for purchase here on MyHabit.