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Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

EVENT STARTS FRI MAY 8 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Design Destination: Savannah, Furniture Feature Last Look: White & Marble, $10 & Up: Seasonal Organization, Welcome Guests: Front Door Décor, Customer Favorites: Vanity Lighting, Candle By The Hour, Inspired by the Islands: Tropical Décor, Shades of India, For Her: A Pretty Bath & Boudoir, Durable Wool Rugs, Room Refresh: Window Curtains, Bodum at MYHABIT.

Design Destination: Savannah at MYHABIT

Design Destination: Savannah at MYHABIT            Check It Out

The oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah is bubbling over with Antebellum charm. Bring a touch of that Southern character to your space with pieces from this collection. Find sofas and upholstered benches in soft hues, light wood tables and gorgeous faux flower arrangements, plus plenty of soft curves, tufted designs and bits of shine. Whether you add a piece or two or makeover a whole room, these options create a lovely and inviting look inspired by the Hostess City of the South.

Furniture Feature Last Look: White & Marble at MYHABIT

Furniture Feature Last Look: White & Marble at MYHABIT            Check It Out

In this collection, we’ve put together our favorite and most luxe furniture. Classic white creates a sophisticated look. A single piece, like a white accent chair, can visually disrupt a room of colored pieces for an eye-catching style. Marble speaks for itself in cool hues that are timeless and distinguished. Whether you’re decorating your space from scratch or making updates, you’ll find a piece here that exudes style and can define the room.

$10 & Up: Seasonal Organization at MYHABIT

$10 & Up: Seasonal Organization at MYHABIT            Check It Out

When it comes to shopping, there are few things more exhilarating than finding the perfect thing at a price you can’t pass up. Here, find a collection of storage and organization solutions from brands we know you love (at prices you’ll love even more).

Welcome Guests: Front Door Décor at MYHABIT

Welcome Guests: Front Door Décor at MYHABIT            Check It Out

The front door makes the first impression with guests. Make it a good one with a refresh. In an array of styles, you’ll find accents here to create an introduction to the rest of your home décor. Planters and baskets. Forever-green plants and always-in-bloom wreaths. Lanterns, garden stools and more. With a stylish front door, your guests will feel welcomed.

Customer Favorites: Vanity Lighting at MYHABIT

Customer Favorites: Vanity Lighting at MYHABIT            Check It Out

The customer is always right. And, they’re spot-on with their tastes in vanity lighting as demonstrated by this collection. Sophisticated finishes. Rich hues of bronze. Stunning silhouettes. It’s no wonder that these pieces have won the hearts of many. You’re sure to find one that complements your space. But, don’t take our word for it—these are our customers’ favorites.

Candle By The Hour at MYHABIT

Candle By The Hour at MYHABIT            Check It Out

You love burning candles, but you are the forgetful type: You’ve been known to fall asleep or leave the house with a candle still lit. Wouldn’t be great if the candle just blew itself out? Candle by the Hour has that problem solved: Each of their unique candle holders are self-extinguishing. Using specially-designed coiled beeswax candles, you simply place a segment of the coil through the holder’s clip in 3-inch increments and light. Once the flame reaches the clip, the candle extinguishes itself. A candle that’s not only stylish, but practical: What’s not to love about that?

Inspired by the Islands: Tropical Décor at MYHABIT

Inspired by the Islands: Tropical Décor at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Transform your space into a tropical retreat, with an easy splash of texture and color. Discover how a citrus green vase or a cerulean blue lounge chair really brightens a room in a snap. How a group of coastal treasures can really warm up, or cool down, an arrangement. From the entryway to the kitchen, the guest room to the powder room, these timeless touches will treat you and your home to a more colorful and dynamic style.

Shades of India at MYHABIT

Shades of India at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Shades of India is a story of a 20 year old collaboration between contemporary designers and traditional artisans exploring color, texture and contrast. As one of India’s leading creators of home goods, it has developed a distinct international style which celebrates both India’s heritage and its growing influence worldwide on design and trends in fashion. The uniqueness of this brand’s style lies in the texturing of fabrics, the coordinating and contrasting of colors and the inventive, but unexpected, use of surface treatment.

For Her: A Pretty Bath & Boudoir at MYHABIT

For Her: A Pretty Bath & Boudoir at MYHABIT            Check It Out

With a few well-chosen accents, you can give your bathroom a feminine and fun makeover. Shop this collection of functional and fashionable accessories, PJs, hampers and more. Mix in some playful patterns and ruffled accents. Then revel in a spa-like space that’s decked out with pieces that any lady will love.

Durable Wool Rugs at MYHABIT

Durable Wool Rugs at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Wool is the natural choice for rugs. It’s durable and resistant to dirt—perfect for a piece that will be underfoot. In this collection, discover a spectrum of stylish options in a range of sizes and shapes. From bold and vibrant motifs to classic tiled patterns in neutral hues, you’ll find a rug here to complement your décor and stand up to years of wear.

Room Refresh: Window Curtains at MYHABIT

Room Refresh: Window Curtains at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Window curtains can transform a room. They can infuse color and pattern. And, when hung beyond the borders of a window, they can play with the eye, creating a larger, grander space. In this collection find a variety of sizes and styles to add to your home.

Bodum at MYHABIT

Bodum at MYHABIT            Check It Out

With an array of products that include coffee, tea, glassware, kitchen electrics and gadgets, BODUM have been visionaries in housewares since 1944. In this collection the company’s core principles, that innovation and smart design should be both functional and affordable, are on full display. From contemporary coffee makers with permanent filters and double-walled wine glasses to sleek storage jars and knife blocks, BODUM provides essential tools for your kitchen and beyond.