Best Deals: Summer Hats, Velvet by Graham & Spencer, DL 1961, Surface to Air, Quiksilver, Issey Miyake, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Parvez Taj Artwork, PÜR Cashmere Throws, Shiraleah, Mrs. Prindable’s Sweet Treats at MYHABIT

Up to 80% Off: Summer Hats at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS TUE AUG 25 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Last Chance: Up to 80% Off Summer Hats, Velvet by Graham & Spencer, DL 1961, Surface to Air, Quiksilver & More, Cutting Edge Style feat. Issey Miyake, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Street Savvy: Sneakers, The Industrial Home Office, Modern Family & Modern Home: The Kitchen, Parvez Taj Artwork On Aluminum & Wood, PÜR Cashmere Throws, Shiraleah, Mrs. Prindable’s Sweet Treats at MYHABIT.

Last Chance Up to 80 Off Summer Hats at MYHABIT

Last Chance: Up to 80% Off Summer Hats at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Maybe you’ve eyed these styles before, but weren’t sure you were ready to buy. Well, there’s no time to shop like the present: This is the last chance to stock up on these items, so grab the ones you love before someone else does.

Velvet by Graham & Spencer at MYHABIT

Velvet by Graham & Spencer at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Velvet by Graham & Spencer has been churning out laid-back luxe tees for well over a decade now. These comfortable, stylish pieces are manufactured mainly in the USA are the perfect wardrobe addition for any guy hoping to look as good as his clothes feel.

DL 1961 at MYHABIT

DL 1961 at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Dress them up. Dress them down. Wear them to work or on the weekend. Really, you can’t have too many pairs of jeans in your closet. Here, a selection of denim from DL 1961 featuring slim, straight and slouchy cuts in a range of classic washes perfect for your fall wardrobe.

Surface to Air at MYHABIT

Surface to Air at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Surface to Air is a Paris-based collective that began in the late ’90s as a group of friends with similar creative goals. The company has since become a major player in the world of art and design with clothing and accessories lines for both women and men. The brand takes a modern approach to classic wardrobe staples, offering easy-to-wear shapes and simple yet stylish designs.

Quiksilver & More at MYHABIT

Quiksilver & More at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be a complicated thing. Wear what feels and looks good. Easy style should be just that. Here to get you there is this collection of everything from crisp button-ups to sunny-day shorts and event smart blazers when you need to take your everyday look up a notch.

Cutting Edge Style feat. Issey Miyake at MYHABIT

Cutting Edge Style feat. Issey Miyake at MYHABIT       Check It Out

When you put together outfits, you’re not looking for what’s on trend. No, you have an eye that shifts toward edgy designs with unique fits and unexpected silhouettes. These pieces—from the designers of today’s avant garde in fashion—feature exquisite fabrics and high-quality construction. With dramatic draping and atypical fits, these pieces will ascend your wardrobe from elemental fashion to wearable modern art.

Beverly Hills Polo Club at MYHABIT

Beverly Hills Polo Club at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Crafted from high-quality fabrics, the Beverly Hills Polo Club’s underwear and loungewear is known for combining fashion and fit. This collection features super-soft knit underwear and tees as well as classic woven lounge pants to help you rest easy and stylishly.

Street Savvy Sneakers at MYHABIT

Street Savvy: Sneakers at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Sneakers: They’re not just for the gym. Style meets comfort in this accessory we just cannot live without. And what makes a great pair? Color, silhouette and cushion. Here we’ve put together a collection of sneakers that have all three from brands that are the epitome of cool. Find bold prints and colors, slip-ons and lace-ups, hi-tops and low-tops. With these styles, you won’t be disappointed.

The Industrial Home Office at MYHABIT

The Industrial Home Office at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Do you have a predilection for retro machines or gothic architecture? Perhaps a penchant for distressed finishes? This collection, from some of our favorite and top-selling brands, is full industrial furniture, sure to strike your fancy. Scroll through and discover all the ways you can simultaneously show your appreciation for the industrial aesthetic and transform you work space from dull and boring to undeniably stylish.

Modern Family, Modern Home The Kitchen at MYHABIT

Modern Family, Modern Home: The Kitchen at MYHABIT       Check It Out

The Guerriero family recently moved into a gorgeous home in upstate New York, but haven’t had time to furnish their space. We collaborated with this busy family of four to decorate their home in a smart—and stylish—way. The kitchen is the heart of the family’s home —where they gather for their favorite meals, from pizza on Friday nights to a leisurely Sunday breakfast. Here, a collection featuring pieces we used to update their new kitchen, from mid-century inspired stools to sleek, modern dishware.

Parvez Taj Artwork On Aluminum & Wood at MYHABIT

Parvez Taj Artwork On Aluminum & Wood at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Canada-born and LA-based artist Parvez Taj utilizes photographs, software, UV-cured inks and a mix of natural materials to create unique masterpieces. This collection shows off works that are vivid, modern and one-of-a-kind.

PÜR Cashmere Throws at MYHABIT

PÜR Cashmere Throws at MYHABIT       Check It Out

If you’re anything like us, when you think of luxury, you can’t help but imagine wrapping yourself in soft, cuddly cashmere. Bring a bit of that warmth and lavish comfort to your home with an upscale cashmere throw from PÜR Cashmere. Your lounging days just got a lot more elegant.

Shiraleah at MYHABIT

Shiraleah at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Being a socially conscious consumer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Shiraleah’s goal is to combine environmentally sound and sustainable practices with high quality and fashionable home goods and accessories. The result is a line that bridges the gap between classic and street style and incorporates a global twist through color and material.

Mrs. Prindable's Sweet Treats at MYHABIT

Mrs. Prindable’s Sweet Treats at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or treating yourself, Mrs. Prindable’s hand-crafted gourmet goodies are always a favorite, including colossal caramel apples and gift baskets containing a variety of sweet tooth-satisfying creations. Each confection is hand crafted from the freshest and best ingredients available, and done up in festive wrappings.