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Treat Yourself Designer Essentials

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Treat Yourself at MYHABIT

Treat Yourself at MYHABIT       Check It Out

No one knows what you want better than you do. So why not treat yourself to some luxe new pieces? Here, a collection of designer essentials from well-tailored suits and crisp woven shirts to leather briefcases, handsome shoes and sleek watches. After all, looking good is the best gift you can give yourself.

Treat Yourself Designer Accessories feat. Valentino at MYHABIT

Treat Yourself: Designer Accessories feat. Valentino at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Well-chosen accessories can really make a look—they’re the finishing touches that give you that confident, put-together style. Here, a collection of luxe accessories from labels you love. Ties and pocket squares to enhance your professional look. Travel-worthy cross-body styles and covetable cases. Sleek leather wallets, belts and more.

Treat Yourself Designer Shoes at MYHABIT

Treat Yourself: Designer Shoes at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Shoes define a look, so why not invest in a pair that makes a statement? We’ve put together a collection of footwear from our favorite designers to make finding just the right style a breeze. From classic loafers to dapper oxfords, each pair here will take you from the boardroom to a special occasion with ease.

Treat Yourself Archive Rolex Watches at MYHABIT

Treat Yourself: Archive Rolex Watches at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Nothing says “luxury” and “refined sophistication” like a watch from Rolex. The classic timepieces here are not only handsome, but have distinct character (and, surely, a fascinating past). Invest and be inspired: Someday you’ll be passing one of these pieces down to the next generation.

Steve Madden Accessories at MYHABIT

Steve Madden Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Steve Madden walks a fine line between classic sophistication and modern style, offering unique designs that are cool but never over the top. Madden started crafting shoes from his Queens-based factory in 1990 with limited cash in hand. Today, his combination of creativity and sheer bravado has formed one of the most iconic fashion brands in America, encompassing shoes, accessories and more.

Kangol at MYHABIT

Kangol at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Founded in England in 1938, Kangol gained notoriety by outfitting the British army with berets in WWII. The brand skyrocketed in popularity in the early ’80s as a favorite among the trailblazers of the hip-hop phenomenon. Today, Kangol maintains a reputation for crafting world-class headwear and accessories.

John Varvatos Collection at MYHABIT

John Varvatos Collection at MYHABIT       Check It Out

In 2000, designer John Varvatos launched his eponymous line—which featured sportswear and tailored pieces—to great acclaim, winning his first of many CFDA awards just months after his brand’s introduction. Since then, Varvatos, known for his classic-meets-rock ‘n’ roll style, has added shoes, accessories and fragrance to his line. In 2006, he introduced John Varvatos Star USA, a line of clothing, shoes and accessories with a younger, preppy-meets-punk aesthetic.

Athletic Recon at MYHABIT

Athletic Recon at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Who says you have to sacrifice dressing well just because it’s time to hit the gym? Seamlessly combining street fashion and athletic apparel in a clean and modern way, Athletic Recon was founded by self proclaimed “endurance geek,” marathoner and triathlete Ryan Heuser and blends the style you expect from your clothes and the performance you need from your athletic wear.

Made in USA Patterned Furniture feat. nine6 at MYHABIT

Made in USA: Patterned Furniture feat. nine6 at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Punch up a space with a burst of color and pattern. The pieces in this collection will do just that. Cushy poufs. Upholstered headboards. Polka dot dining chairs. And, a few solid colors for balance. Change the look, feel and energy of your space with just piece or two.

Living Luxe Furniture at MYHABIT

Living Luxe: Furniture at MYHABIT        Check It Out

One thing you can never get enough of: Everyday luxuries. Get the glamorous look you love with just one piece. All it takes is a rich velvet sofa in the living room. A top-grain leather armchair or settee. A sculptural bed frame. With each piece, you’ll elevate your home’s look and make a great impression when extra guests pop in. Or when it’s just the two of you, settling in for a nightcap. So, go ahead: See how wonderful it is to update your space with these chic furnishings.

Jennifer Taylor Home at MYHABIT

Jennifer Taylor Home at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Since 1991, Jennifer Taylor Home has aimed to bring superior products to their customers at a price they can afford. Sophisticated sofas and casually confident chairs in classic shapes and sumptuous fabrics form the backbone of the brand, With an eye for tasteful design, there’s something for every home in this collection.

Unique Lighting from Illuminated Décor at MYHABIT

Unique Lighting from Illuminated Décor at MYHABIT        Check It Out

While a lot of lighting designs put function over style, these pieces from Illuminated Décor prove that the two can be blended to not only brighten a room, but make a glamorous statement. Artistic, sparkling arrangements. Bold, sculptural silhouettes. Striking towers of mesmerizing pattern. Transform an entire room with one of these lamps.

Up to 70 Off Glass Accents at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Glass Accents at MYHABIT        Check It Out

When it comes to shopping, there are few things more exhilarating than finding the perfect thing at a price you can’t pass up. Here, find a collection of glass accent pieces from brands we know you love (at prices you’ll love even more).

One-of-a-Kind Rug Gallery at MYHABIT

One-of-a-Kind Rug Gallery at MYHABIT        Check It Out

When it comes to collecting original artwork, go beyond the traditional scope and consider your floors. Enter this collection of stand-out rugs featuring contemporary patterns to traditional designs. These rugs create a one-of-a-kind look within your home.