Acerbis Revolutionary Furniture 2014 Catalogue

Acerbis Blitz Cabinet

Acerbis designs are visionary, boasting sideboard storage and wall shelves with fully integrated lighting that’s both functional and beautiful. These Italian designs are unique, artfully crafted pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations in any space.

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Acerbis Blitz Cabinet

Acerbis Blitz is a unique cabinet that combines form and function to add visual interest to your space while adding subtle storage space. The single door with strategic cutouts slides across the shelves to create open and closed spaces in which to store anything from books and music to collectibles. By sliding in both directions, every single storage compartment is accessible at various points.

Acerbis Blitz Cabinet_2

Acerbis Blitz Cabinet_3

Acerbis Blitz Cabinet_4

Acerbis NC Case 324

Acerbis NC case set has two components: the large wall-hung unit with shelves has a sliding glass door, with manual or electrical movement that can contain your TV with no wires in sight. The second piece is a low unit with deep ground shelf in addition to a back panel with rear lighting, equipped with ”L” shaped doors in Stopsol Super Silver glass and vertical matt methacrylate spacers. Together the two create a corresponding use of negative space that can bring new life to a living space.

Acerbis NC Case 324

Acerbis Pond Coffee Table

Acerbis Pond coffee table is bold and modern with a subtly reflective glass surface and striking conical design. It’s a sleek, minimal statement piece that adds style and elegance to any room.

Acerbis Pond Coffee Table_1

Acerbis Pond Coffee Table_2

Acerbis Axlon Table

Acerbis Axlon Table is a fixed table with beautiful white Corian construction making it both durable and light as air. It’s perfect for elevating an airy space or a Scandinavian-inspired sitting room. Minimalists are sure to admire its lines and lovely shape.

Acerbis Axlon Table_1

Acerbis Axlon Table_2

Acerbis Axlon Table_3

Acerbis Axlon Table_4

Acerbis Max Table

Acerbis Max table is twin tables with Moritz, with the same top but a different base. The top is comprised of a rather thick veneered wood and has a beautiful formal appearance.

The Max legs has a base of thin drawn metal which is shiny plated chrome.

Acerbis Max Table_1

Acerbis Max Table_2

Acerbis Max Table_3

The Moritz legs are also simple oak, made to look sturdy and hold an impressive shine.

Acerbis Max Table_4

Acerbis Max Table_5