Acerbis Revolutionary Furniture

Acerbis Revolutionary Furniture

Acerbis designs are visionary, boasting sideboard storage and wall shelves with fully integrated lighting that’s both functional and beautiful. Both the Superego and Matrix designs are unique, artfully crafted storage pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations in any space.

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Acerbis Superego Sideboard

Acerbis Superego is a totally unique sideboard storage system dreamt up by talented Italian architect-turned-furniture-designer Marco Acerbis. The Superego’s sleek, modern design belies the impressive, ergonomic storage contained within. The smooth, rounded cabinet is flanked by two stainless steel side shells and curved doors on swing arms with a patent pending controlled return system. Two extractable trays provide levels of storage while the built-in automatic lighting system illuminates whenever you open the doors.

Acerbis Superego Sideboard_1

Acerbis Superego Sideboard_2

Acerbis Superego Sideboard_3

Acerbis Superego Sideboard_4

Acerbis Superego Sideboard_7

Acerbis Superego Sideboard_6

Acerbis Matrix Wall Shelf

Acerbis Matrix Wall Shelf is a unique, artful addition to any space that is part light sculpture and part storage solution. Matrix shelves are produced in limited edition and numbered. These transparent methacrylate shelves become brilliantly luminescent as they diffuse the light emanated through them by optic fibers.

Acerbis Matrix Wall Shelf_1

Acerbis Matrix Wall Shelf_2

Acerbis Matrix Wall Shelf_3

Acerbis Matrix Wall Shelf_4