Best Deals: Accessorize Your Desk, JBW Watches, Men’s Colorful Sneakers & Drivers Footwear, Ike Behar Belts, Men’s Wallets & Card Cases, John Varvatos, Quality Raw & Selvedge Denim, Clean Slate Wardrobe Refresh, New Arrivals Women’s Shoes & Handbags, Almost Gone Handbags & Jewelry, NYDJ Apparel, Rachel Zoe at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Accessorize Your Desk, JBW Watches, Men’s Colorful Sneakers & Drivers Footwear, Ike Behar Belts, Men’s Wallets & Card Cases, John Varvatos, Quality Raw & Selvedge Denim, Clean Slate Wardrobe Refresh, New Arrivals Women’s Shoes & Handbags, Almost Gone Handbags & Jewelry, NYDJ Apparel, Rachel Zoe at MYHABIT
Trafalgar Crocodile-Embossed Desk Set

EVENT STARTS SUN APR 20 AT 4 PM PT, deals include Accessorize Your Desk, JBW Watches, Spring Essentials: Colorful Sneakers & Drivers, Ike Behar Belts, Money Minded: Wallets & Card Cases, American Favorites feat. John Varvatos, Quality Raw & Selvedge Denim, Clean Slate: Wardrobe Refresh, New Arrivals: Shoes & Handbags, Almost Gone: Handbags, Almost Gone: Jewelry, Jeans, Shorts & More feat. NYDJ, Rachel Zoe at MYHABIT.

Accessorize Your Desk at MYHABIT

Accessorize Your Desk at MYHABIT                Check It Out

Albert Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” So then what does a desk dressed in sophisticated accessories say? Here is a collection of leather accessories, elegant pens and clocks, frames and more to elevate your desk. With this selection, getting your desk organized in a refined aesthetic has never been easier.

JBW Watches at MYHABIT

JBW Watches at MYHABIT                Check It Out

Founded in 2006 on the principle that luxury can go hand-in-hand with an edgy attitude, JBW strives to make bold, statement timepieces for the modern, fearless man. Combining classic elements with modern design and superb craftsmanship, these are standout pieces that will last from season to season.

Money Minded Wallets & Card Cases at MYHABIT

Money Minded: Wallets & Card Cases at MYHABIT                Check It Out

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most. When it comes to protecting our valuables there’s no exception. Carry life’s essentials in style by updating your wallet or case with one of these great finds. This collection has you covered whether you are into basics and classic styles or trendier designs. Our picks are the clip bi-fold wallet in black and the 2-tone lizard card case.

Ike Behar Belts at MYHABIT

Ike Behar Belts at MYHABIT                Check It Out

Ike Behar learned the intricacies of tailoring over two decades at his father’s side in Cuba. After immigrating to New York City in search of the American Dream, his talent, along with an unwavering dedication to quality, made him a success. This diligence is evident, still, in every item bearing the Ike Behar name.

Spring Essentials Colorful Sneakers at MYHABIT

Spring Essentials: Colorful Sneakers at MYHABIT                Check It Out

The warmer weather brings a number of wonderful things from opening day to parties with friends and of course, shoes worthy of kicking back. Here, a collection of comfy designs that you can wear all day and all night (and maybe even to the office, too). In colors ranging from classic neutrals to bold and vivid blues, greens and more, these kicks are just what you need to set your spring style apart.

Spring Essentials Drivers at MYHABIT

Spring Essentials: Drivers at MYHABIT                Check It Out

With spring comes the ability to pull off lighter shades and vibrant hues. This collection of drivers and slip-ons features soft suede and smooth leather styles in unique colors that are suited for a casual office or a relaxed weekend day of errands. Shop these options to give your feet a boost of spring cheer.

American Favorites feat. John Varvatos at MYHABIT

American Favorites feat. John Varvatos at MYHABIT                Check It Out

This collection of wardrobe investment pieces by favorite American labels will instantly update your closet, offering casual and sophisticated options for years to come. Every guy needs a nice button-up and pair of trousers for dressy occasions. A great blazer is a day-to-night essential. Shorts and t-shirts are weekend staples. Here, you’ll find a little bit of everything to satisfy your sartorial needs.

Quality Raw & Selvedge Denim at MYHABIT

Quality Raw & Selvedge Denim at MYHABIT                Check It Out

Selvedge denim’s main claim to fame is a finely crafted, crisp edge that prevents raveling. Raw denim refers to the wash of the jean—or rather, the not washing of the jean. Also referred to as “dry” denim, these styles do not go through the final wash at the manufacturer’s hands. Therefore, their fit and fading can be much more personalized. Finding your favorite pair of jeans—blue or otherwise—has never been so much fun.

Clean Slate Wardrobe Refresh at MYHABIT

Clean Slate: Wardrobe Refresh at MYHABIT               Check It Out

A smart and stylish gal always has a variety of fresh and new pieces in her wardrobe—they act as a foundation for building a chic look. Here, a collection of spring-ready clothing and accessories that work well on their own, together or paired with other pieces in your existing wardrobe. Flirty tops. Lightweight scarves. Sleek booties. Roomy satchels. These pieces will look right at home in your closet.

New Arrivals Shoes & Handbags at MYHABIT

New Arrivals: Shoes & Handbags at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Spring is all about refreshing—new is the name of the game. Here you’ll find an exciting new array of accessories, from roomy tote bags to demure slingbacks and more. Find your faves and let the trendsetting begin.

Almost Gone Handbags at MYHABIT

Almost Gone: Handbags at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Sleek and sophisticated. Bold and bright. Classic and chic. Edgy and on-trend. The handbags offered here say so much about our style—plus they’re our most useful and necessary accessory. Grab one before it’s too late, from this collection ranging from casual hobos to compact cross-body styles, and change up your bag to match your mood.

Almost Gone Jewelry at MYHABIT

Almost Gone: Jewelry at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Jewelry is the finishing touch that gives you a polished and put-together look. Shop this collection for plenty of sophisticated options. From bold statement necklaces to understated stud earrings, you’ll find designs here right for a range of outfits and occasions. Find the perfect piece (or two) and act fast—we have limited quantities of these stunning styles.

Jeans, Shorts & More feat. NYDJ at MYHABIT

Jeans, Shorts & More feat. NYDJ at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Could your casual wardrobe use a refresh? Give your closet new life with the jeans, shorts, tops and sweaters here. Featuring favorite brands like NYDJ, Christopher Blue and more, this collection features plenty of flattering and season-right styles including cropped pants and denim in an array of colors and washes.

Rachel Zoe at MYHABIT

Rachel Zoe at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Stylist and designer Rachel Zoe embodies effortless glamour. Her iconic, vintage-inspired style is beloved by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts the world over. Launching the Rachel Zoe Collection in 2011, she has translated her years of experience as a stylist into a collection of luxurious, yet accessible, clothing and accessories.