Best Deals: Duncan Walton Cufflinks, Rossovivo Ties, Armani Collezioni Suits, Modern Fit Suiting, Office Casual Denim, 2(x)ist, Office Dress Shoes, Leone Braconi, Lounge Chairs, Espalma Bath Towels, After School Treats at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Duncan Walton Cufflinks, Rossovivo Ties, Armani Collezioni Suits, Modern Fit Suiting, Office Casual Denim, 2(x)ist, Office Dress Shoes, Leone Braconi, Lounge Chairs, Espalma Bath Towels, After School Treats at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS MON AUG 31 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Duncan Walton Cufflinks, Time for An Update: Watches, Italian Flair: Rossovivo Ties, Designer Suits feat. Armani Collezioni, The Modern Fit: Suiting, The Denim Look: Office Casual, 2(x)ist, The Corner Office: Dress Shoes, The Daily Commute: Bags & Wallets & More, Made in Italy: Leone Braconi, Up to 70% Off: Lounge Chairs, Made In Italy: Luxe Bedding, Hit Refresh: Espalma Bath Towels & More, After School Treats at MYHABIT.

Duncan Walton Cufflinks at MYHABIT

Duncan Walton Cufflinks at MYHABIT       Check It Out

There’s simply no classier way to bring a bit of polish and personality to your look than with a pair of cufflinks. Great to give as a gift, with this collection of accessories from British designer Duncan Walton, you’ll find the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

Time for An Update Watches at MYHABIT

Time for An Update: Watches at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Sophisticated style is all in the wrist. Make every day a little more luxurious with one of these timeless timepieces in leather, silicone or stainless steel. You can count on them to dress up your weekend wear and make any professional look shine.

Italian Flair Rossovivo Ties at MYHABIT

Italian Flair: Rossovivo Ties at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Viva la moda! Viva la sartoria! Made in Italy from 100% silk, Rossovivo ties offer classic, sumptuous designs in textures and prints you’ll love for years to come. Feel like you’ve just hopped off the plane from Florence with these gorgeous ties.

Designer Suits feat. Armani Collezioni at MYHABIT

Designer Suits feat. Armani Collezioni at MYHABIT       Check It Out

If there’s one thing that every man simply needs to look polished and stylish, it’s a designer suit. With this collection of sleek, beautifully-made pieces from designers like Armani Collezioni and more, you can suit up and level up your fashion game instantly.

The Modern Fit Suiting at MYHABIT

The Modern Fit: Suiting at MYHABIT       Check It Out

A fine suit is nothing if it has an unflattering shape. Say goodbye to big and boxy with a little help from these slimmer cut styles. Find a tailored look in this collection of smart cuts in an array of classic neutrals—you might even feel like they were made just for you.

The Denim Look Office Casual at MYHABIT

The Denim Look: Office Casual at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Some days, a suit and a pair of polished dress shoes are the way to go. But for those casual days at the office, denim is the go-to. We suggest dark blue washes or colored denim in grey and khaki, like the options found here. Top them with a button-up shirt, a tee and a sweater or even a blazer. It’s a laid back look that still shows you mean business.

2(x)ist at MYHABIT

2(x)ist at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Don’t just exist—thrive on style with 2(x)ist’s men’s essentials like underwear, tees and more. Created for the confident man, 2(x)ist has been pumping out basics that are truly anything but since 1991 to become one of the biggest names in menswear today.

The Corner Office Dress Shoes at MYHABIT

The Corner Office: Dress Shoes at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Cap-toes, wingtips and split-toes are the backbones of formal footwear. Pair these designs with your wear-to-work favorites for a classy touch, or even pair with chinos or jeans for a casual, weekend look. Finish off your well-curated wardrobe with styles that are comfortable and will stand the test of time.

The Daily Commute Bags, Wallets & More at MYHABIT

The Daily Commute: Bags, Wallets & More at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Whether you’re battling rush hour traffic, taking your bike to the office or navigating the subway tunnels, a commute can be a hectic time. And your important documents and tech need protecting. Here, an array of durable bags in a rainbow of hues, styles and fabrications ready for the worst your daily commute has to offer.

Made in Italy Leone Braconi at MYHABIT

Made in Italy: Leone Braconi at MYHABIT       Check It Out

You don’t have to wait for that special day to treat yourself to some fine leather goods. Made in Italy from only the finest materials, you can add a dash of classic European styling to any look with these belts, card cases and more accessories from Leone Braconi.

Up to 70 Off Lounge Chairs at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Lounge Chairs at MYHABIT       Check It Out

There are few things more exhilarating than finding something you must own at the perfect, wallet-friendly price. So, to help you stock up on the brands and styles you love (or discover your new favorite thing), everything you’ll find here is up to 70% off.

Made In Italy Luxe Bedding at MYHABIT

Made In Italy: Luxe Bedding at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Italian linens are a surefire way to add a bit of European-style luxury to your home. Sumptuous percales, shams, duvets and more bring comfort and joy to your home. With these high-end pieces from some of our favorite names in Italian homewares, you’ll be sleeping in style.

Hit Refresh Espalma Bath Towels & More at MYHABIT

Hit Refresh: Espalma Bath Towels & More at MYHABIT       Check It Out

When it comes to your at-home spa, colorful + soft + absorbent = luxurious. Fulfilling this equation, we present you with this fresh collection from Espalma, including new bath sheets and tub mats, plush robes, vibrant beach towels, shower curtains and more. Enjoy the variety of colors (surely there’s one or two to match your bath) and revel in the smart prices: Each is just $60 or less.

After School Treats at MYHABIT

After School Treats at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Celebrate your favorite kiddo’s first month of class with iced cookies. Send them caramel corn to share with their new classmates. Reward them for great grades with chocolate-carmel apples. Here you’ll find the sweetest snacks that will show your favorite little scholar that you appreciate their smartest achievements.