Best Deals: ECOALF, red line, Bright & Bold Colorful Shoes, Trail Blazers: Hiking Boots, Marshall Artist, Desanto, Richer Poorer Socks, Dark Romance: Brocade, Lace & More, Zipper-Embellished Handbags, Animal Prints, Skinny Watches, Carefree & Casual Jewelry, Jaye.e, Anue Activewear at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: ECOALF, red line, Bright & Bold Colorful Shoes, Trail Blazers: Hiking Boots, Marshall Artist, Desanto, Richer Poorer Socks, Dark Romance: Brocade, Lace & More, Zipper-Embellished Handbags, Animal Prints, Skinny Watches, Carefree & Casual Jewelry, Jaye.e, Anue Activewear at MYHABIT
Ecoalf Macbook Air 13 Quilted Case

EVENT STARTS SAT NOV 9 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Tote Your Tech ft. ECOALF, red line, Bright & Bold: Colorful Shoes, Trail Blazers: Hiking Boots, Marshall Artist, Dress Accessories ft. Desanto, Richer Poorer Socks, Dark Romance: Brocade, Lace & More, Trend: Zipper-Embellished Handbags, The Wild Side: Animal Prints, Skinny Watches, Carefree & Casual: Jewelry, Jaye.e, Work It Out: Anue Activewear at MYHABIT.

Tote Your Tech ft. ECOALF at MYHABIT

Tote Your Tech ft. ECOALF at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Started in 2007, ECOALF was established by Javier Goyeneche after his extensive travels. Each one of his bags is created with four principles in mind: technological innovation, sustainability, quality and design. Found here, laptop and backpacks with details like cush padding and recycled nylon exteriors so you can protect and tote and your daily essentials in style.

red line at MYHABIT

red line at MYHABIT              Check It Out

As the sporty counterpoint to the a_line watch brand, red line is fueled by the idea of gunning the engine and racing toward greatness. Its founders believed that since we look at our watch possibly more than anything else, it ought to symbolize something. Each of these standard and chronograph models is driving-inspired, boldly designed and finished with the signature red crown as a reminder that life’s risks are worth taking.

Bright & Bold Colorful Shoes at MYHABIT

Bright & Bold: Colorful Shoes at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Sure, every wardrobe needs a foundation of basic neutrals. But sometimes, a bit of color is called for. Here, a collection of vibrantly-hued oxfords, boots, loafers and more that will add extra personality your look. Whether you’re looking for subtle or bright, preppy or urban, you’re sure to find something to kick your wardrobe up a colorful notch.

Trail Blazers Hiking Boots at MYHABIT

Trail Blazers: Hiking Boots at MYHABIT              Check It Out

With fall in full swing, what better time than now to get outside and start exploring? Whether you’re into casual, scenic walks or trekking it on the trails, make sure your footwear is up to par. Shop this great collection of hiking boots, and be ready for the adventures ahead.

Marshall Artist at MYHABIT

Marshall Artist at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Founded in 2000, Marshall Artist has quickly become one of the UK’s most beloved menswear brands. Using its own ISO certified manufacturing plant, the brand delivers well-crafted apparel that you’ll turn to time and again. Go preppy with a smart bowtie. Stay warm in chilly weather with a hip, pocketed parka. And, plan for that beach vacation with a pair of graphic swim shorts.

Dress Accessories ft. Desanto at MYHABIT

Dress Accessories ft. Desanto at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Every man should have a variety of ties in their collection. Afterall, they are the quickest and easiest way to change your look. From polka dots and plaids to textured tonals, stripes and more, you’ll find what you need here to you keep your look polished—whatever the occasion and season.

Richer Poorer Socks at MYHABIT

Richer Poorer Socks at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Vibrant stripes. Geometric patterns. Bold color combos. Gone are the days of basic (boring) socks. Finish-off your look with a pop of color with this selection of designs from Richer Poorer. Even cooler? They come in 3-packs so you can showcase your personality and modern style daily.

Trend Zipper-Embellished Handbags at MYHABIT

Trend: Zipper-Embellished Handbags at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Zippers are functional, but they’re also incredibly fashionable. And this collection of handbags showcases this hot trend in all its tough-meets-chic glory. From totes and hobos to cross-bodies and clutches, these pieces have über-chic style all zipped up.

Dark Romance Brocade, Lace & More at MYHABIT

Dark Romance: Brocade, Lace & More at MYHABIT              Check It Out

A chic affair calls for an equally chic ensemble. Here, find a collection of pieces featuring ultra-luxurious textures and sophisticated hues. Elegant lace shoes. Rich velvet coats. Glamorous brocade dresses. Opulent jewels. These marvelous pieces are just what your special-occasion wardrobe needs.

The Wild Side Animal Prints at MYHABIT

The Wild Side: Animal Prints at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Animal prints always add a touch of the exotic to your look. Leopard, zebra and snake. When wearing them, remember a little goes a long way. In this collection, find just the right amount on flats, pumps, boots and handbags. In natural hues, these pieces are versatile enough to complement everything from your business attire to your favorite LBD.

Skinny Watches at MYHABIT

Skinny Watches at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Telling time should never be boring. This collection of skinny, sophisticated, sleek and watches brings us a variety of colors, textures and styles. From playful pops of color to the precision and accuracy of their movements, these timepieces transition from power suits at work to cocktail dresses out for drinks.

Carefree & Casual Jewelry at MYHABIT

Carefree & Casual: Jewelry at MYHABIT             Check It Out

There are special-occasion and statement pieces, and then there’s the everyday jewelry that’s equally at home with a tee and jeans or a work ensemble. That’s what you’ll find here. Hoop and drop earrings. Pretty pendants. Beaded bracelets. Simple studs. Daily-wear pieces that add just the right touch of sparkle and interest to your outfit without over-doing it. You’ll reach for the jewelry box staples again and again.

Jaye.e at MYHABIT

Jaye.e at MYHABIT              Check It Out

If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for clothing that’s conspicuously chic, yet not overstated. Sound about right? Then this collection from Jaye.e is sure to be a welcome sight. The materials and cuts may be bold, but the designs as a whole display just the right amount of restraint—which makes for highly wearable choices. Opt to be tastefully on-trend this season with one of these pieces, featuring everything from faux leather accents to peplum detailing.

Work It Out Anue Activewear at MYHABIT

Work It Out: Anue Activewear at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Whether you practice yoga or love a challenging run, this collection of Anue activewear from New Balance provides comfort and style no matter your preferred method of exercise. These hooded tunics, cropped pants and versatile tanks are breathable, movable and flattering. Happy workout, indeed.