Best Deals: Joseph Abboud Footwear, Sebago, Calvin Klein Belts, Cooper Jones, Ike Behar Dress Shirts, Missoni Ties, Rhythm Swimwear, Rogue State T-Shirts, Cut Maps, Versus by Versace Watches, Corso Como, Tusk Handbags & Accessories, Jules Smith Jewelry, Religion Denim, LaPINA at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Joseph Abboud Footwear, Sebago, Calvin Klein Belts, Cooper Jones, Ike Behar Dress Shirts, Missoni Ties, Rhythm Swimwear, Rogue State T-Shirts, Cut Maps, Versus by Versace Watches, Corso Como, Tusk Handbags & Accessories, Jules Smith Jewelry, Religion Denim, LaPINA at MYHABIT
Joseph Abboud Leather Slip-On Loafers

EVENT STARTS TUE MAY 27 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Office Styles feat. Joseph Abboud, Sebago, Calvin Klein Belts, Cooper Jones, Ike Behar Dress Shirts, Missoni Ties, Rhythm Swimwear, Rogue State T-Shirts, Cut Maps, Bold Watches feat. Versus by Versace, Corso Como, Tusk Handbags & Accessories, Jules Smith Jewelry, Denim feat. True Religion, LaPINA at MYHABIT.

Office Styles feat. Joseph Abboud at MYHABIT

Office Styles feat. Joseph Abboud at MYHABIT               Check It Out

When it comes to looking smart and savvy at the office, start at the bottom—shoes. This collection of classic oxfords and loafers are perfect for work-day dressing. Pair them with tailored chinos for a casual office look, or snap it up with a smart suit and tie.

Sebago at MYHABIT

Sebago at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Any well-dressed man knows that looking put-together starts—and ends—with his shoes. Enter this collection from Sebago. The timeless brand that introduced the Docksides boat shoe impresses yet again with several modern iterations of boat shoes, oxfords and loafers. Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or the kind of guy who spends all day in the den, these shoes will satisfy.

Calvin Klein Belts at MYHABIT

Calvin Klein Belts at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Established in 1968, Calvin Klein has become synonymous with a refined, modernist aesthetic, and, today, is one of the most recognizable and beloved American fashion brands in the world. This assortment of belts boasts smooth leather and sleek hardware.

Cooper Jones at MYHABIT

Cooper Jones at MYHABIT               Check It Out

It may seem as if Cooper Jones fell into the clothing biz by accident, but customers in need of top quality, comfort and style believe it was fated. After validating his heirship to the long-shuttered Kingsbury & Peck Industrial House, he discovered a vast collection of secret dyeing formulas which proved to impart rich color and softness to each fabric created. What’s more, his country-living lifestyle informs construction decisions—meaning that the seams in every garment are reinforced with additional stitching, so they can stand up to hard-working, everyday wear.

Ike Behar Dress Shirts at MYHABIT

Ike Behar Dress Shirts at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Ike Behar is well-known for offering the kind of dress shirts any modern man can appreciate. Elegant details and crisp finishes distinguish these styles from the rest, making them a winning option for work hours or anytime. The brand, a family business, is firmly rooted in the traditions of bespoke tailoring, and the results are on full display in this stellar collection.

Missoni Ties at MYHABIT

Missoni Ties at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Famed Italian heritage brand Missoni offers the ultimate in sophisticated fun, thanks to its classic aesthetic and bohemian vibe. From colorful stripes to zigzag patterns, this collection of ties perfectly captures the storied label’s carefree European spirit. Not to mention those iconic, vibrant and oh-so-recognizable patterns.

Rhythm Swimwear at MYHABIT

Rhythm Swimwear at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Whether you’re lounging at the community pool or living it up at a beachside resort, this collection keeps you looking as good as you’ll feel with your toes in the water and the sun on your face. Choose classic solid or striped trunks for a traditional look, or go for a fun pattern to really make stylish waves. Or grab more than one and mix things up.

Rogue State T-Shirts at MYHABIT

Rogue State T-Shirts at MYHABIT               Check It Out

No man’s wardrobe is complete without a wide selection of T-shirts. Here, embrace colorful options from light blue to grass green. Everything in this collection is super-soft and has a great slim fit that works perfectly with say, raw denim jeans. These just might become your new weekend staple.

Cut Maps at MYHABIT

Cut Maps at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Maps draw us in—either allowing us to reminisce about where we’ve been or inspiring us to plan trips, even if only in our minds. The dimensional maps here not only give a technical view of the land, but from afar offer artistic patterns. Find the city you left your heart in or choose your home state to adorn your walls with.

Bold Watches feat. Versus by Versace at MYHABIT

Bold Watches feat. Versus by Versace at MYHABIT               Check It Out

You like to make a statement with your accessories—and your watch should be no exception. Here, a collection of eye-catching timepieces that are just your style. From chunky chain and metallic leather bands to designs dripping with diamonds, these stand-out watches enhance the look of anything from jeans and a tee to a cocktail dress.

Jules Smith Jewelry at MYHABIT

Jules Smith Jewelry at MYHABIT               Check It Out

It’s no surprise Gina Nigrelli-Smith, a former ballet dancer and fashion editor, offers a collection of jewelry that makes a statement—the designer takes inspiration from her love of vintage design from the sixties, seventies and eighties. Here, find bold cuffs, sparking earrings, unique necklace designs and other eye-catching pieces to add to your jewelry collection.

Corso Como at MYHABIT

Corso Como at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Aching for beautiful shoes that won’t hurt your feet? Look no further than Corso Como. Offering the ideal combination of style and comfort, each shoe is hand-assembled with naturally treated leather, specialized lining and a meticulously constructed sole. This collection of pumps, sandals, flats and more showcases the label’s use of fine materials and clean design.

Tusk Handbags & Accessories at MYHABIT

Tusk Handbags & Accessories at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Drawing inspiration from the lively streets of Bombay and New York, Hiten Manseta launched Tusk accessories in 1990. Thanks to high-quality design, materials and construction, Tusk quickly gained loyal support from luxury retailers, fashion editors and even Oprah Winfrey. This collection includes wallets, clutches and cross-bodies crafted from fine leather in rich hues ranging from deep blue to bright orange.

Denim feat. True Religion at MYHABIT

Denim feat. True Religion at MYHABIT               Check It Out

No one wants to spend too much time searching for the perfect pair of jeans. Well, search no further, because this collection featuring True Religion Denim has created a one-stop-shop for any jeans you desire. Choose from an array of skinny styles, boot cuts and even shorts from your basic blues to prints and vibrant tones. Pair with a simple T-shirt and killer heels for the ultimate effortlessly chic look.


LaPINA at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Though he has a personal history rooted in the fashion industry—his family has owned and operated a fabric mill for more than 40 years—David Helwani started his career working in music and law before becoming a designer. Inspired by his mother, Pina, whom he considers his main style muse, Helwani launched his dress line, LaPina, in 2013. The Montreal-based line features curve-hugging silhouettes designed with the edgy, confident woman in mind.