Best Deals: Lampe Berger, Corso Como, Winter Boots, Halston Heritage, Byron Lars, David Kahn, JUMA, Florsheim by Duckie Brown, Duchamp, Levi’s, Richard Chai for Original Penguin at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Lampe Berger, Corso Como, Winter Boots, Halston Heritage, Byron Lars, David Kahn, JUMA, Florsheim by Duckie Brown, Duchamp, Levi’s, Richard Chai for Original Penguin at MYHABIT
Lampe Berger Athena Fragrance Lamp

EVENT STARTS TUE DEC 18 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Lampe Berger lamps, Corso Como Women’s Shoes, Ultimate Necessity: Winter Boots, Halston Heritage Handbags, Byron Lars Apparel, David Kahn Tops, JUMA Scarves & Totes, Easy Gifts: Hats, Scarves & More, Florsheim by Duckie Brown Men’s Shoes, Duchamp Suiting, Levi’s Made & Crafted, Richard Chai for Original Penguin Apparel at MYHABIT.

Lampe Berger at MYHABIT

Lampe Berger at MYHABIT           Check It Out

The first Lampe Berger lamp was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards. Today, the company offers glass, ceramic or Limoges porcelain pieces meant to delicately perfume a room while purifying the air and destroying odors. About the brand: Lampe Berger offers object d’arts that add fragrant dimensions to the home without an open flame. Where other products mask unpleasant odors, Lampe Berger actually purifies the atmosphere before perfuming it.

Corso Como at MYHABIT

Corso Como at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Searching for beautiful shoes that won’t hurt your feet? Look no further than Corso Como, a powerhouse brand that has perfected the craft of comfort. Each shoe is hand-assembled with naturally treated leather, specialized lining and a meticulously constructed sole. From pumps to boots to ballet flats, this collection features fine details like polished leather, studded trim and more. Our favorites here are the classic Del pump with its almond-shaped toe and the Adona boot which offers a little western flair.

Ultimate Necessity: Winter Boots at MYHABIT

Ultimate Necessity: Winter Boots at MYHABIT           Check It Out

When the temperatures drop, swapping flats for cozy boots is the ultimate necessity. This collection offers plenty of suede, sheepskin and shearling-lined options just in time for winter. These aren’t just for keeping warm at home, however: With fashionable details like fringe, fur and even towering heels, you can easily wear these outside without batting an eye. Super snowstorm or heavy rains headed your way? No problem. The Details: Labels include Tecnica, Muks and Koolaburra.

Halston Heritage Handbags at MYHABIT

Halston Heritage Handbags at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Once dubbed “the premier fashion designer in America” by Newsweek, Halston began in the 1960s and spent each decade evolving in style yet retaining timeless glamour. Innovation and reinvention became the hallmark of the label, and this collection from Halston Heritage illustrates that very tradition. Multi-texture designs create intrigue, while logo hardware adds an iconic touch to each style. Add a luxe Halston addition to your handbag collection and enjoy a piece of fashion history for years to come.

Byron Lars at MYHABIT

Byron Lars at MYHABIT            Check It Out

When it comes to pretty and feminine pieces with an edge, this collection from Byron Lars delivers. An embroidered taffeta pencil skirt. A well-cut gabardine jacket with knotted buttons. A sequined dress with a twisted and draped neckline. These are beautiful basics elevated by exquisite details. About the designer: Since 1991, Byron Lars has been redefining edgy fashion by combining unexpected silhouettes and materials for a look that is at once familiar and completely fresh.

David Kahn Tops at MYHABIT

David Kahn Tops at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Originally a denim powerhouse, David Kahn’s designs have spread into a full ready-to-wear line. These pieces have an edgy, fashion-forward look, while maintaining everyday comfort. From a draped neck top to a burnout knit cardigan, these pieces will show off your style without shouting it.

JUMA Scarves & Totes at MYHABIT

JUMA Scarves & Totes at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Vibrant. Exotic. Mesmerizing. This undeniably energetic collection of scarves and totes from JUMA is all that and more. In woven wool blends or lightweight silk, abstract prints and peacock feathers have never looked so stunning. About the brand: Founded by brother-and-sister design duo Jamil and Alia, JUMA is known for its progressive clothing and accessories that incorporate original digital prints.

Easy Gifts: Hats, Scarves & More at MYHABIT

Easy Gifts: Hats, Scarves & More at MYHABIT             Check It Out

When it comes to the colder seasons, every well-dressed man knows the secret lies in layering. These key accessories will make any outfit and keep him toasty, too. Stylish leather gloves. Cozy cashmere scarves. Dapper wool caps. With a gift of one (or more) of these cold weather essentials, he – and his wardrobe – will thank you. The details: Brands include Ben Sherman, Goorin Brothers, Amicale and more.

Florsheim by Duckie Brown at MYHABIT

Florsheim by Duckie Brown at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Fine, crisp detailing isn’t just for suits. Your shoes deserve special attention too. Laser-cut leather patterns, contrasting overlays, pebbled textures and more – kick your style into high gear with this collection of dress shoes and boots from Florsheim by Duckie Brown. Pair with evening looks, office outfits or don on a weekend stroll, for a look that’s always one step ahead. About the brand: In 1892, Milton Florsheim began producing his now famous shoes in Chicago. Today, the brand goes beyond footwear, offering everything from bags and belts to sunglasses and socks.

Duchamp Suiting at MYHABIT

Duchamp Suiting at MYHABIT            Check It Out

‘Tis the season for dressing up as your calendar fills with parties and gatherings. This holiday season, British brand Duchamp will have you outfitted with this collection of blazers, suits and jackets. Pinstripes and plaids add a festive touch without having to resort to an over-the-top sweater. And, if you’re headed under the mistletoe, may we suggest an irresistibly soft velvet blazer? With Duchamp, you’ll always look dashing in the snow.

Levi's Made & Crafted at MYHABIT

Levi’s Made & Crafted at MYHABIT          Check It Out

As the name suggests, Levi’s Made & Crafted line focuses on the simple things. The finer details. These clothes are designed and made with the care and attention that all clothes deserve. From exquisite materials, to subtle details, Levi’s Made & Crafted give a contemporary fit to all-American classics. Frankly put: Simple clothes made meticulously.

Richard Chai for Original Penguin at MYHABIT

Richard Chai for Original Penguin at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Richard Chai for Original Penguin is the ultimate in menswear collaborations. After creating ten pieces together for Chai’s Spring 2011 runway show, they worked together again months later, producing a full collection for Fall 2011. “Penguin is an iconic brand and it has this all-American, preppy-with-a-wink look to it,” Chai explained. “I wanted to work with that image, but also make it edgier.” And that he did! Here, find a look that’s preppy with a bit of grunge, casual without losing intention. Our favorites? The shawl collar sweater in red and grey, and the slim, double-breasted herringbone coat.