Best Deals: Loeffler Randall, Alessandro Dell’Acqua Rouge, René Caovilla, Yosi Samra, Latico, Gucci, Coralia Leets, Carrière Frères, John Varvatos, K-Swiss, Mezlan, TSOVET, John Varvatos Star USA & Star Luxe, ZILLI at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Loeffler Randall, Alessandro Dell’Acqua Rouge, René Caovilla, Yosi Samra, Latico, Gucci, Coralia Leets, Carrière Frères, John Varvatos, K-Swiss, Mezlan, TSOVET, John Varvatos Star USA & Star Luxe, ZILLI at MYHABIT
Loeffler Randall Rain Slip-On Boots

EVENT STARTS MON JUL 22 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Loeffler Randall, Alessandro Dell’Acqua Rouge, René Caovilla, Yosi Samra: Sandals & Flats, Latico, Gucci Watches, Charming Gemstones: Coralia Leets, Carrière Frères Industrie Candles, John Varvatos Shoes, Cool & Casual: K-Swiss Shoes, Mezlan Belts, TSOVET, John Varvatos Star USA & Star Luxe, ZILLI at MYHABIT.

Loeffler Randall at MYHABIT

Loeffler Randall at MYHABIT             Check It Out

The last few days of summer can also feel like the middle of autumn. This kind of fickle weather means being prepared for anything. Enter this collection from the lust-worthy label Loeffler Randall. Knee-high boots get us in the mood for pumpkin pie and apple cider. Booties have us ready for chilly mornings and warm afternoons. And, chic rain boots keep us dry without compromising our look. Find the pair that’s missing from your closet.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Rouge at MYHABIT

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Rouge at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Italian luxury and fashion-forward designs come together in this collection from Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Crystal-encrusted sneakers give your look a little extra kick. Bow-adorned flats are fabulous for commuting. Select a pair (or two) that matches the edgy side of your personality.

René Caovilla at MYHABIT

René Caovilla at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Some occasions—a wedding, black tie affair or night at the opera—call for footwear that is elegant and sophisticated. Enter this collection from René Caovilla. A gleaming gold sandal embellished with feathers and faux pearls. A crystal-encrusted slingback pump. A sexy sandal adorned with a single black rose. These designs are like wearable pieces of art that are so beautiful, you’ll want to wear them every day.

Yosi Samra Sandals & Flats at MYHABIT

Yosi Samra: Sandals & Flats at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Ladies, our feet don’t have to suffer anymore. Whether you’re dying to kick off your heels after a night on the town or headed out to run errands on the weekend—you won’t want to leave home without a chic and comfortable pair of Yosi Samra ballet flats or flip flops. The best part? The flats fold up to fit into your smallest bag. Choose from neutrals that complement any outfit or go bold with exotic snakeskin prints.

Latico at MYHABIT

Latico at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Whether you’re journeying abroad or just across town to the office, you need a bag you can rely on. Known for top-quality leather and smart design, Latico delivers conveniently organized options with timeless appeal—meaning you won’t need to trade up anytime soon. More bang for your buck and sharp style? Getting from point A to point B just got a whole lot easier.

Gucci Watches at MYHABIT

Gucci Watches at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Gucci needs little introduction. It is the consummate name in Italian luxury, and this collection of watches is no exception. Choose from branded bracelet styles, diamond-encrusted details and an array of ornate links. Each design here promises to add a touch of luxe to your everyday routine.

Charming Gemstones Coralia Leets at MYHABIT

Charming Gemstones: Coralia Leets at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Nicaraguan-born Coralia Leets strives for a look that is “simple and sophisticated.” But not, of course, without a little bit of drama. From elongated cranberry quartz drop earrings to an avocado quartz pavé bracelet, these pretty pops of color are the key to any eye-catching look.

Carrière Frères Industrie Candles at MYHABIT

Carrière Frères Industrie Candles at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Founded in 1884, the Carrière brothers revamped the craft of wax making during the industrial revolution when they pioneered their first “night light”, which burned consistently for 6 hours and was completely smokeless. From there, their creations turned into quality-made objects of comfort. You’ll find this selection filled with hand-poured candles just as desirable. Enjoy hours of smokeless burning time and pleasing scents made from the very best essential oils available today.

John Varvatos Shoes at MYHABIT

John Varvatos Shoes at MYHABIT           Check It Out

John Varvatos is known for his signature rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, so it’s hardly any surprise the designer’s collection of shoes would feature that same, street-smart attitude. Forget grungy though, these shoes only look tough and worn. Crafted from top-of-the-line suedes and leathers, these distressed boots, loafers lace-ups and more promise to take your favorite wardrobe staples to stylish new heights. The Richards wingtip gives you old-school style for the office and beyond, while the Ronson driver takes casual-cool to a whole new level. What styles do you like best?

Cool & Casual K-Swiss Shoes at MYHABIT

Cool & Casual: K-Swiss Shoes at MYHABIT           Check It Out

In 1966, K-Swiss introduced the first leather tennis shoe to the world at Wimbledon, and they’ve been a leader in athletic innovation ever since. This collection features classic styles with updated elements like ombre fades and two-tone color accents. Grab a pair and get your workout groove on or simply sit back and relax in casual, cool style.

Mezlan Belts at MYHABIT

Mezlan Belts at MYHABIT           Check It Out

From casual weekends to business lunches, this collection of belts from Mezlan has you covered for all occasions. The world-class Spanish brand is renowned for its expert construction and high-quality materials which are evident in these classic designs as well their line of fine footwear. Exotic skins, two-tone designs and woven styles elevate these wardrobe staples to stand-out status.


TSOVET at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Inspired by both the aerospace and boarding industries, TSOVET designs watches that harken back to a bygone era in Californian culture. While the two influences may seem disparate, the watchmaker culls from the subtle connections of engineering and design to create distinctive designs. Bold styles with easy-to-read numbers and simple, understated faces radiate a nostalgic feel without being out of touch with the times.

John Varvatos Star USA & Star Luxe at MYHABIT

John Varvatos Star USA & Star Luxe at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Who doesn’t want to be the John Varvatos man—a modern, urban guy with a bit of a rocker sensibility? Whether you grab a well-cut blazer, a graphic tee or versatile trousers, this collection brings that sophisticated downtown cool vibe to your wardrobe.


ZILLI at MYHABIT          Check It Out

In 1970 entrepreneur Alain Schimel met Italian tailor Teofilo Zilli in Lyon. Zilli’s natural affinity for leathers inspired Schimel and he purchased the tailor’s workshop transforming the small business into an international brand synonymous with a luxurious take on sporting attire and entirely made in Italy and France.