Best Deals: Mod Dining Furniture, Side Tables & Table Lamps, The Cool Kid’s Room, Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories, All Season Boots, Daniel Won, Gilded Age, Brioni Shirts & Ties at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Mod Dining Furniture, Side Tables & Table Lamps, The Cool Kid’s Room, Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories, All Season Boots, Daniel Won, Gilded Age, Brioni Shirts & Ties at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS MON FEB 29 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Mod Dining Furniture, Instant Updates: Side Tables & Table Lamps, Shop by Room: The Cool Kid’s Room, His Domain: Décor & Watch Winders & More, Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories, Everyday Style: All Season Boots, Daniel Won, Gilded Age, Classic Dress Shirts feat. Brioni, Brioni Ties at MYHABIT

Mod Dining Furniture at MYHABIT

Mod Dining Furniture at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Modern design has an iconic look: Sleek lines. Bold shapes. Bright colors offset with handsome, neutral textiles. Here, discover pieces to create the style in your dining room. Chairs, tables, stools, buffets and more. With just a piece or two, your space will have the sophisticated, yet subtly playful aesthetic modern design is known for.

Instant Updates Side Tables & Table Lamps at MYHABIT

Instant Updates: Side Tables & Table Lamps at MYHABIT        Check It Out

If you’re looking to spruce up your space in a snap, then it’s time to think about your lighting and table options. Like any stage director will tell you, proper light (and its placement) can completely transform a room, fashionably and functionally. From modern and sleek pieces to classic selections, scroll through this collection of side tables and table lamps and find a look that lights your fire.

Shop by Room The Cool Kid's Room at MYHABIT

Shop by Room: The Cool Kid’s Room (DS) at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Whether she’s a teen or he’s a preschooler, they need a super-cool space of their own. A place where they can hang out, play, be creative and let their imaginations run wild. Here, a collection of colorful and classic designs perfect for their bedroom or playroom. Colorful wall art and area rugs. Sculptural headboards and bed canopies. Café chairs, throw pillows and poufs. With such stylish details, being sent to their room will become a reward for good behavior.

His Domain Décor, Watch Winders & More at MYHABIT

His Domain: Décor, Watch Winders & More at MYHABIT        Check It Out

It’s nice to have a place all to yourself. One that you decorate with your own style. Whether this place is where you get ready each day or your entire home, the décor should reflect your personality and perspective. Here, discover pieces that will help to define the look of this space. Distinguished artwork. Sleek watch winders. Handsome accents and more. Find the pieces that work for you and claim your domain.

Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories at MYHABIT

Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories at MYHABIT         Check It Out

After making his way to the United States in 1914, Salvatore Ferragamo started designing footwear and quickly made a name for himself amongst the celebrity set during the 1920s. In 1927, he returned to his native Italy and founded his own label. After his death in 1960, his widow took over the company, introducing women’s and men’s clothing, eyewear, perfume and accessories to the house.

Everyday Style All Season Boots at MYHABIT

Everyday Style: All Season Boots at MYHABIT         Check It Out

You’ve got a favorite tee, a favorite button-down, favorite pair of jeans. But those boots are a little worn through the soles, sitting in the back of your closet. Time to complete your best look with a new favorite pair of boots. In this collection, find iconic, all season boots that are sure to give your wardrobe a stylish upgrade.

Daniel Won at MYHABIT

Daniel Won at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Korean-born designer Daniel Won men’s line focuses on modern, rock’n’roll inspired pieces with a New York City influence. Since moving to NYC in 2004, Won earned a degree from FIT, worked with Robert Comstock and served as head designer for Emanuel Ungaro Outerwear. His eponymous line incorporates elements of outerwear and sportswear using a common thread of fine leather, as seen in the distinctive pieces here.

Gilded Age at MYHABIT

Gilded Age at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Luxury casualwear label Gilded Age is rooted in old New York and the early Industrial Revolution. The line’s dedication to high-quality fabrics and an artisanal approach to design is visible in its handcrafted clothing. Creative Director Stefan Miljanic incorporates all of these influences in his classic yet rugged collections.

Classic Dress Shirts feat. Brioni at MYHABIT

Classic Dress Shirts feat. Brioni at MYHABIT         Check It Out

The classics are called just that for a very good reason—they’re timeless staples that will never go out of style and are near-universally flattering. Stock up on classic dress shirt styles from this collection of finely-tailored and impeccably detailed options sure to become your closet’s MVPs.

Brioni Ties at MYHABIT

Brioni Ties at MYHABIT         Check It Out

A heritage brand with a rich history, Brioni was not only the innovative creator of the first menswear fashion show, but they were also the favored designer of Golden Age-era actors and style icons like Clark Gable, Henry Fonda and Richard Burton. Since 1945, Brioni has been crafting beautiful, Italian-made suits, ties and more that represent the traditional and much-sought-after Continental European style that ensure both you and your favorite stars of the Silver Screen always look their best.