Best Deals: Modern Silhouettes Jackets & Vests, Alicia Adams Alpaca, Da-Nang, Cullen & Qi, Paperwhite, Pour La Victoire, Melissa, ToyWatch, Giorgio Armani, Ben Sherman Accessories, Dino Bigioni, Mezlan Belts, Giorgio Valentini, Porche Designs Sunglasses at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Modern Silhouettes Jackets & Vests, Alicia Adams Alpaca, Da-Nang, Cullen & Qi, Paperwhite, Pour La Victoire, Melissa, ToyWatch, Giorgio Armani, Ben Sherman Accessories, Dino Bigioni, Mezlan Belts, Giorgio Valentini, Porche Designs Sunglasses at MYHABIT
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EVENT STARTS FRI JAN 24 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Modern Silhouettes: Jackets & Vests, Alicia Adams Alpaca, Da-Nang: Jackets, Cargos & Shirts, Knit Tops feat. Cullen & Qi, Paperwhite, Pour La Victoire Shoes, Melissa Shoes & Accessories, ToyWatch, Giorgio Armani Women’s Sunglasses, Ben Sherman Accessories, Dino Bigioni, Mezlan Belts, Giorgio Valentini, Sunglasses feat. Porche Designs at MYHABIT.

Modern Silhouettes Jackets & Vests at MYHABIT

Modern Silhouettes: Jackets & Vests at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Don’t cover up your chic ensembles with a just any old jacket. When you’re headed out in winter weather, you need a topper as fab as your outfit. Think cropped denim and leather jackets. Chic and warm faux fur vest. Sophisticated styles with stand-out prints and embellishments. This collection of jackets and vest offers plenty of options polished and pretty enough to top off your look.

Alicia Adams Alpaca at MYHABIT

Alicia Adams Alpaca at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Amazing alpaca. This luxe natural fiber offers cashmere-caliber softness while remaining lightweight and warm. It’s also hypoallergenic, extra durable, and when made into goods like these, totally beautiful. Here, Alicia Adams delivers some of the best.

Da-Nang Jackets, Cargos & Shirts at MYHABIT

Da-Nang: Jackets, Cargos & Shirts at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

It’s a snap to capture that military-gone-glam look with these utility-chic pieces from DA-NANG. The California-based brand delivers a vintage-bohemian feel, offering pieces that look like they’ve been part of your wardrobe for years. GI pants in an array of colors. Cool and casual hoodies and jackets. Tops and skirts that appropriate for every season. All totally wearable with just the right does of edge, so they look just as good with sneakers as they do with pumps.

Knit Tops feat. Cullen & Qi at MYHABIT

Knit Tops feat. Cullen & Qi at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

For everything from weekend lounging to days at the office, knits are our go-to. They’re soft against the skin, great for layering, and can be worn year round. Here, a collection featuring draped tops, pullovers and more from Cullen, Qi Cashmere and Cotton Addiction. Snap up a few styles and enjoy the ease and comfort of knitwear.

Paperwhite at MYHABIT

Paperwhite at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Launched in 2008, the Paperwhite line caters to modern women who go for everyday style with plenty of personality. Here, find a collection of wearable classics with a twist, featuring fun and sophisticated prints, flattering silhouettes and plenty of rich detail. It’s daily dressing that’s effortlessly stylish.

Melissa Shoes & Accessories at MYHABIT

Melissa Shoes & Accessories at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Plastic is fantastic. That is the ethos behind this generations-old Brazilian company that uses plastic as their pinnacle of materials and melds it into stylish designs you never thought possible. On top of their good looks, these shoes and accessories are waterproof, vegan and recyclable. When fashion is this fun, we just can’t resist.

Pour La Victoire Shoes at MYHABIT

Pour La Victoire Shoes at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Inspired by the spirit of fashion revolution, Pour La Victoire has the trend-conscious shoe lover covered. This collection features classic feminine silhouettes with just the right amount of flair to set them apart. Sleek and sophisticated pointy-toe wedges are the ideal work shoe. Oxfords and flats for city girls. And if you really want to turn heads, pick up any one of the platform pumps or ankle boots.

ToyWatch at MYHABIT

ToyWatch at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Launched in 2006 by Milan-based designer Marco Mavilla, ToyWatch is known for its lightweight, oversized plasteramic designs, inspired by high design timepieces. Under the direction of fine-watch collector Randy Gordon, ToyWatch is the anti-luxury statement and has become the “it” wristwatch and the must-have item among style tastemakers.

Giorgio Armani Women's Sunglasses at MYHABIT

Giorgio Armani Women’s Sunglasses at MYHABIT                   Check It Out

Since 1975, Giorgio Armani has been redefining elegance and beauty for the modern man and woman. Launched in the early eighties, Emporio Armani embraces the same sophisticated style of the designer’s main line but at a more accessible price point. Armani’s unmistakable aesthetic can be seen here in this collection of chic sunglasses featuring classic silhouettes accented with subtle logo details.

Ben Sherman Accessories at MYHABIT

Ben Sherman Accessories at MYHABIT              Check It Out

While beloved British label Ben Sherman may be known for tailored dress shirts and suits, what’s a great outfit without a few dapper accessories? Stylish messenger bags and backpacks to carry all of your everyday needs. Slim leather wallets to keep you organized. And leather and woven belts to compliment your dapper suit.

Dino Bigioni at MYHABIT

Dino Bigioni at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Handmade construction, quality materials and attention to detail defines this brand. Dino Bigioni has been creating high-quality men’s shoes since the 1960’s with these initial principles still in practice. His collection features timeless designs with on-trend details such as classic oxfords and vibrant suede drivers.

Giorgio Valentini at MYHABIT

Giorgio Valentini at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Nothing says sophistication like a man who’s suited up. Black, grey, pinstriped or solid, you can’t go wrong. Here, a handsome collection of suits, dress shirts and pants from Italian label Giorgio Valentini. Stand out in a sea of black in a navy suit with subtle pinstripes. Or try a pale pink button-up with a pair of checkered wool pants. Anything you choose from this selection will have you looking polished at the office and beyond.

Mezlan Belts at MYHABIT

Mezlan Belts at MYHABIT              Check It Out

From casual weekends to business lunches, this collection of belts from Mezlan has you covered for all occasions. The world-class Spanish brand is renowned for its expert construction and high-quality materials which are evident in these classic designs as well their line of fine footwear.

Sunglasses feat. Porche Designs at MYHABIT

Sunglasses feat. Porche Designs at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Even if the air is chilly, the sun still shines brightly. Protect your eyes—and show your style—with a pair of sunglasses from this sharp collection featuring Porche Designs, Ivory + Mason, Carrera and more. Whether you go for wire-rim or tortoise, modern-sleek or retro-inspired, great shades always make a statement.