Best Deals: Nat Nast, Kenneth Gordon, Goorin Brothers, PUMA, Shoes & Accessories by Color: Black & Blue & Brown & Cognac & Grey, Bucket Bags, Desigual, Hawke Outerwear, Downtown Chic: Leopard, Leather & More, Bold Baubles at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Nat Nast, Kenneth Gordon, Goorin Brothers, PUMA, Shoes & Accessories by Color: Black & Blue & Brown & Cognac & Grey, Bucket Bags, Desigual, Hawke Outerwear, Downtown Chic: Leopard, Leather & More, Bold Baubles at MYHABIT
Nat Nast Men's Standing Room Only Pullover

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Nat Nast at MYHABIT

Nat Nast at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Kicking off in 1946, Nat Nast developed the first bowling shirt—a popular post-war pastime in America well into the ‘70s. In 2000, Nast’s daughters, Patty and Barbara, relaunched the brand with an entire lifestyle collection while adding a modern influence to the classic Americana of the original line. Now worn by celebrities like Larry David and Jon Hamm, as well as former President Clinton. Not bad company to be in.

Kenneth Gordon Must-Have Flannel Shirts at MYHABIT

Kenneth Gordon: Must-Have Flannel Shirts at MYHABIT             Check It Out

A well-tailored, casual sportshirt is a man’s best friend. Excellent for a fun date, Fridays in the office, or just heading out with the guys—and just the things to pair with jeans. This collection from Kenneth Gordon offers plaid, stripe and solid options to top off your favorite worn-in and faded pair or your newest dark denim. Make sure to grab a few so you have plenty of options for the jeans-and-sportshirt combo that makes choosing an outfit a snap.

Goorin Brothers Hats & Scarves at MYHABIT

Goorin Brothers: Hats & Scarves at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Now that it’s officially getting cold outside, every guy needs a few must-have accessories. And for truly timeless options you’ll use season after season, there’s Goorin Brothers. From fedoras and driving caps to cozy beanies and trapper styles, these hats and scarves not only keep you warm but add that final touch to elevate your look from good to great.

PUMA Socks & Underwear at MYHABIT

PUMA: Socks & Underwear at MYHABIT             Check It Out

The PUMA name speaks for itself—sporty apparel with major prowess. Mixing sports and lifestyle, the designs serve a man right whether on the treadmill, outdoors or just pounding the everyday pavement. Here, a selection of the bare necessities featuring colorful as well as classic varieties of sport socks and boxer briefs ready for some serious mileage.

Shoes & Accessories by Color Black at MYHABIT

Shoes & Accessories by Color: Black at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Black can be a lot of things. Cool. Sharp. Daring. It goes with everything and never goes out of style. So here’s a collection to celebrate black. Belts that range from sleek to rock ‘n’ roll. Neck ties as dark as midnight. Shoes to complement your best suit or your favorite jeans. You’re sure to find several pieces here that will become everyday staples.

Shoes & Accessories by Color Blue at MYHABIT

Shoes & Accessories by Color: Blue at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Of all colors, blue is most often chosen as a favorite. And with good reason. It’s the color of the sky and the sea. It makes us feel calm and serene. And it’s a great neutral to add to your wardrobe. An unexpected alternative to black and brown and in a range of shades from subtle to bold, adding pieces like a navy shoe or a cobalt tie or scarf to your look makes your style pop.

Shoes & Accessories by Color Brown at MYHABIT

Shoes & Accessories by Color: Brown at MYHABIT             Check It Out

When it comes to your shoe and accessory wardrobe, neutrals are a must. And while black always works, sometimes you want to warm things up at bit. Brown is the perfect solution. Here find casual and dressy styles of footwear—along with belts, watches, wallets and more—in tones that range from beige and taupe to dark espresso. All rich neutrals that blend well with everything in your closet.

Shoes & Accessories by Color Cognac at MYHABIT

Shoes & Accessories by Color: Cognac at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Like the urbane brandy for which it’s named, cognac is a smart and sophisticated hue for shoes and accessories. Brown’s more caramel cousin, this rich shade complements almost any outfit—and it’s our favorite neutral for the season. Shop this collection for handsome wingtips, dapper loafers, sleek wallets and textured belts, and infuse your wardrobe with a touch of tawny perfection.

Shoes & Accessories by Color Grey at MYHABIT

Shoes & Accessories by Color: Grey at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Who says a neutral palette can’t pop? The cool and contemporary shoes and accessories found here, in the sophisticated and subdued hue, prove that grey doesn’t have to translate to dreary. A soft suede oxford or a charcoal tie. A colorblock scarf or a stud-trimmed messenger bag. These pieces in shades of grey give your wardrobe a subtle punch.

Bucket Bags at MYHABIT

Bucket Bags at MYHABIT             Check It Out

We all can use a little structure in our life. Even better when it comes from our handbags. We love this collection bucket bags, designed to maintain their shape so digging for keys or lip gloss won’t feel like we’re reaching into a bottomless pit. Try a pebbled leather design in olive green—one of the hottest color this fall—or go bold with a fur-trimmed or chainmesh option.

Desigual at MYHABIT

Desigual at MYHABIT               Check It Out

The iconic Desigual design is whimsical, vibrant and bold. Signature colors and prints can be spotted from across the room. And while each piece is a unique display of patterns, they each share the same spirit. Add some pizazz to your wardrobe with these amped-up basics—shirts, dresses and jackets that mix-and-match with each other or enhance what’s already in your closet.

Downtown Chic Leopard, Leather & More at MYHABIT

Downtown Chic: Leopard, Leather & More at MYHABIT               Check It Out

We all have that one friend. The effortlessly stylish one. Her wardrobe is luxe and glamorous, filled with mix-and-match pieces you can’t help but covet. Here’s a collection that’s a little like peeking into your fashionable friend’s closet. The difference—these pieces can all be yours. Cashmere sweaters and stylish bags. Trendy pumps and chunky statement jewelry. Perfect jeans and lots of leopard print. It’s time to start shopping.


Hawke Outerwear at MYHABIT

Hawke Outerwear at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Your outerwear collection should be two things: stylish and practical. Thankfully, this smart collection from Hawke is here to help. Sporty anoraks. Chic capes. Ruched faux leather designs. You name it. And whether you like neutral hues or bold pops of color, this collection has it. You’ll look fashion-forward come rain or shine.

Bold Baubles at MYHABIT

Bold Baubles at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Perhaps pearls aren’t your thing—and diamonds don’t fit in the budget. What’s a sparkling, elegant and effortlessly chic solution? Gemstones, of course. These natural beauties range from vibrant to deeply subdued, with cut facets to show off their shine. Choose from an array of styles featuring stones like tantalizing turquoise, serene blue topaz and rich ruby quartz.