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nOir Jewelry at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS FRI JUN 29 AT 9 AM PT, deals include nOir jewelry, Kooba handbags,  Geox Women’s shoes, Timo Weiland summer-ready collection,  Tallia dress, Catherine Angiel jewelry at MYHABIT.

nOir Jewelry at MYHABIT

Few brands do statement jewelry as well as nOir, and this mix of inspiring pieces is a perfect example of that. Here, the brand applies its bold aesthetic to tribal styles with brightly colored and beaded patterns. Wear anything from oversized necklaces and hoop earrings to chain bracelets and bangles. One thing is for sure: the pieces here are not for wallflowers.

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Kooba Handbags at MYHABIT

Easy, everyday bags? We can’t get enough of them. And that’s why we love this chic and simple collection of must-haves from Kooba. From rich leather to cool, slouchy silhouettes, these bags promise to go with everything in your closet. How’s that for effortless style?

About Kooba: Founded in 1998, Kooba takes inspiration from classic vintage design and quality construction for bags that make a serious fashion statement.

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Geox Women's Shoes at MYHABIT

From sky-high stilettos to unforgiving boots, it’s rare for a woman to treat her feet. Why not give your toes a break with these stylish shoes that incorporate easy silhouettes and open-weave materials for (finally!) a comfortable, good-looking shoe.

About Geox: Italian footwear brand Geox combines the tradition of artisanal cobblers with the technology of the world’s first “breathable shoe.” With each pair featuring a rubber sole and an innovative breathing system, your feet will thank you.

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Timo Weiland at MYHABIT

Quirky clothing with an attitude: that’s Timo Weiland, defined. Weiland and his design partner Alan Eckstein’s creations have been charming critics since 2010 thanks to their inspired prints and clean silhouettes. This summer-ready collection is a perfect illustration of the Weiland aesthetic. From lily pad printed gowns to pretty, lace-back cardigans, these pieces take the ladylike look for a stylish new spin.

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Tallia at MYHABIT

Looking to make a splash at the office? This collection from Tallia can help. These suits and jackets exude fashion-forward sophistication thanks to trim cuts, narrow lapels and fine finishing touches. From classic grey and navy to summery seersucker and denim, you’ll be dressed to impress. Looks like someone’s ready for a promotion.

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Catherine Angiel at MYHABIT

These styles are classic Catherine Angiel, sleek and modern designs with a punk-esque twist. A rebellious drummer in the underground New York City club scene turned jewelerist, Angiel’s edgy sterling/rhodium pieces are handmade in her Greenwich Village atelier. Rings and necklaces range from a more traditional cross or nail emblem to the more esoteric spider or dragon shapes, but they’re all the type of jewelry a man wants—bold, but still understated.

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