Best Deals: Prada Accessories, Classic Belts & Leather Band Watches, Rocker Style, Tani Underwear, Bundle Up Hats & Scarves, Delsey, Melange Home, ORE Lighting, Joseph Joseph at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Prada Accessories, Classic Belts & Leather Band Watches, Rocker Style, Tani Underwear, Bundle Up Hats & Scarves, Delsey, Melange Home, ORE Lighting, Joseph Joseph at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS MON JAN 11 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Prada Accessories, Style Staples: Classic Belts & Leather Band Watches, Dapper Edge: Rocker Style, New Markdowns: Activewear, Tani Underwear, Bundle Up: Hats & Scarves, Delsey, Melange Home, Design Cue: Eclectic & Refined, ORE Lighting, Joseph Joseph at MYHABIT.

Prada Accessories at MYHABIT

Prada Accessories at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Founded as a leather goods company in 1913 by brothers Mario and Martino, Prada has grown to become one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. Now headed by Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia, Prada is synonymous with cutting-edge ready-to-wear, fragrances, accessories and the rich leather goods that the company was built upon.

Style Staples Classic Belts at MYHABIT

Style Staples: Classic Belts at MYHABIT        Check It Out

A great belt often goes unnoticed, but works overtime to keep everything pulled together. Cinch in chinos, trousers or denim with an assortment of styles: braided, loop and buckle or even the occasional bold pattern.

Style Staples Leather Band Watches at MYHABIT

Style Staples: Leather Band Watches at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Understated yet timeless the leather watch heightens the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. An assortment of sporty dials and traditional faces means there’s a timepiece for every occasion.

Dapper Edge Rocker Style at MYHABIT

Dapper Edge: Rocker Style at MYHABIT        Check It Out

The edgy, downtown look is a tough one to get right. Even harder? Making it look easy. Here, a collection of smart pieces to give you that effortlessly cool aesthetic. Find dapper designs with edgy details. Oversize tees and modern joggers. Skinny pants and retro waistcoats. Mix and match these pieces and you’re instantly a little bit rock’n’roll.

New Markdowns Activewear at MYHABIT

New Markdowns: Activewear at MYHABIT        Check It Out

You’re on the hunt for just the right thing to update your closet. And when you find just what you’re looking for at a price that fits your budget—well, there’s nothing more satisfying. Here, a collection of hoodies, shorts, joggers and more at newly reduced prices, just waiting for you to add them to your wardrobe.

Tani Underwear at MYHABIT

Tani Underwear at MYHABIT        Check It Out

You search for the best in everything—from clothing to shoes to smart phones—so why not do the same for the layer that is closest to your skin? The Tani philosophy is to simply design and create the world’s best underwear. And, what they have created is pieces with a pure aesthetic—no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks. The designs are streamlined, classic and modern and constructed out of soft, smooth and sleek fabrics. With Tani, each day, you’ll wear comfortable, uncomplicated and complementary luxury.

Bundle Up Hats & Scarves at MYHABIT

Bundle Up: Hats & Scarves at MYHABIT        Check It Out

You’ve got the thick sweaters, the wool coats, the insulated boots. Now for the finishing touches. Here, a collection of hats and scarves to add an extra layer of warmth when the temperature drops. From soft knits to classic trapper hats and toppers, these pieces complement your coat and keep you looking your best while beating the chill.

Delsey at MYHABIT

Delsey at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Founded in Paris by Emile Delhaye and the Seynhaeve brothers, Delsey dates back to 1946. In the beginning, the brand was known for making leather cases for cameras and photographic equipment, and in 1970, jetted into the world of luggage with the brand’s first range of structured bags. Since then, Delsey has become a globally recognized brand, offering functional, innovative and lightweight pieces designed to make the traveler’s life easier and more enjoyable all around.

Melange Home at MYHABIT

Melange Home at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Manhattan-based furnishing and bedding company Melange Home believes in everyday luxuries. High-threadcount sheets, plush comforters and cozy throws make staying in an exquisite experience.

Design Cue Eclectic & Refined at MYHABIT

Design Cue: Eclectic & Refined at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Your style: Sophisticated, yet a little quirky. Elegant, with an edge. The way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality. And with this collection of furniture and décor pieces, you’ll be able to create a home that perfectly reflects your unique aesthetic. Texture-rich and sculpted furniture. Metallic accents and rich area rugs. Nature-inspired and abstract artwork. When guests step into your home, they’ll think it’s so you.

ORE Lighting at MYHABIT

ORE Lighting at MYHABIT         Check It Out

With a vision of superior quality combined with both novel and classic compositions, Ore International imports high-quality lighting from a diverse range of locations. This collection includes everything from stylish and contemporary floor lamps to time-tested table lamps, all at an exceptional value. Whether creating or redesigning, Ore International offers inspired home lighting solutions for every room of the home.

Joseph Joseph at MYHABIT

Joseph Joseph at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph founded Joseph Joseph in 2003 with the design of a glass chopping board range for their family’s business was a success. Combining their respective experience in product design and business, the Josephs have created a company that specializes in modern kitchenware with innovative designs.