Best Deals: Steve Madden, Descendant of Thieves, PRPS Goods & Co. Denim, Hardy Amies, Alex Cannon, Alpinestars, Ben Minkoff, Invicta, Boho Inspiration Furniture & Accents, Whiteline Modern Furniture at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Steve Madden, Descendant of Thieves, PRPS Goods & Co. Denim, Hardy Amies, Alex Cannon, Alpinestars, Ben Minkoff, Invicta, Boho Inspiration Furniture & Accents, Whiteline Modern Furniture at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS FRI MAR 25 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Steve Madden, Descendant of Thieves, The Denim Lifestyle feat. PRPS Goods & Co., Hardy Amies, Between Season Style feat. Alex Cannon, Alpinestars, Distinguished Details, Ben Minkoff, Invicta, Boho Inspiration: Furniture & Accents, His Place: Bedding & Bath, 60% Off: Whiteline Modern Furniture at MYHABIT.

Steve Madden at MYHABIT

Steve Madden at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Steve Madden walks a fine line between classic sophistication and modern style, offering unique designs that are cool but never over the top. Madden started crafting shoes from his Queens-based factory in 1990 with limited cash in hand. Today, his combination of creativity and sheer bravado has formed one of the most iconic fashion brands in America, encompassing shoes, handbags, accessories and more.

Descendant of Thieves at MYHABIT

Descendant of Thieves at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Classic sportswear gets a modern update thanks to Descendant of Thieves designer Dres Ladro. The Berlin-based artist approaches his work from a unique perspective adding just the slightest bit of eccentricity to traditional silhouettes.

The Denim Lifestyle feat. PRPS Goods & Co. at MYHABIT

The Denim Lifestyle feat. PRPS Goods & Co. at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Your look is casual-cool. Your go-to is denim. Here, a collection just for you featuring an array of jeans, tees, button-ups, pullovers and more. Whether you prefer to pair your denim with a hoodie and T-shirt or a sweater and leather jacket, these looks will fit perfectly with your stylishly laid-back vibe.

Hardy Amies at MYHABIT

Hardy Amies at MYHABIT        Check It Out

The story of Hardy Amies is steeped in history. In 1945 after major success designing for couture house Lachasse, Hardy Amies moved his own label to Saville Row. Postwar business flourished as Hardy’s refined and tailored clothes satisfied customers’ cravings for time-honored designs. The company’s accolades include costumes for 2001: A Space Odyssey and outfits for Queen Elizabeth II. A strong respect for British bespoke tailoring is still present in today’s elegant collections.

Between Season Style feat. Alex Cannon at MYHABIT

Between Season Style feat. Alex Cannon at MYHABIT        Check It Out

It’s the time of year when the weather can be fickle: Ready your closet. This collection features pieces perfect for both cool and warm days. From tees and long-sleeve button-ups for layering to short-sleeves shirts, polos and shorts for sunny afternoons, this collection features plenty of modern, mix-and-matchable options to keep your-winter-to-spring wardrobe fresh and stylish.

Alpinestars at MYHABIT

Alpinestars at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Born in the mountains of Italy in 1963, Alpinestars’s expertise lies in providing high-performance clothes and accessories for the extreme sports-set. More than half a century later, the brand has branched out to menswear and accessories in designs that reflect their sporty heritage.

Distinguished Details at MYHABIT

Distinguished Details at MYHABIT        Check It Out

You have the tailored wardrobe—the suiting, the crisp shirts. Now comes the fun part: Accessories that add a distinguished touch to your already handsome look. The flash of a sleek set of cufflinks or the addition of a luxurious silk tie or pocket square can make all the difference when you’re dressing to impress.

Ben Minkoff at MYHABIT

Ben Minkoff at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Clean, streamlined designs for the guy on the go are the hallmark of Ben Minkoff. The men’s accessories line from popular contemporary designer Rebecca Minkoff and named after Rebecca’s WWII veteran grandfather,, its pieces are influenced by military history and classic style. Collections feature top-of-the-line leathers and subtle hardware for easygoing, effortless appeal.

Invicta at MYHABIT

Invicta at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Latin for “invincible,” Invicta is led by innovation and nurtured with the consistency of quality and brand personality. Founded more than a century ago in 1837 in Chiasso, Switzerland, with the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums, Invicta holds true to this objective today. In 2000 Invicta focused on designing a perfectly fitting, oversized timepiece. This focus delivered the professional dive watch, the Ocean Ghost, and the iconic Lupah collection. The brand has now grown to encompass over 30 diverse collections.

Boho Inspiration Furniture & Accents at MYHABIT

Boho Inspiration: Furniture & Accents at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Bring home a Bohemian vibe. Here you’ll discover an array of brilliant finds—colorful seating, sculptural and slightly-rustic light fixtures, vibrant flatweave rugs. And there’s always room for a classic pouf. After all, each one adds a punch of color, a place to sit and a prop for tired feet. Go ahead: Spice up your space with these versatile and vibrant touches.

His Place Bedding & Bath at MYHABIT

His Place: Bedding & Bath at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Handsome. Distinguished. Refined. A man’s space should reflect his finer traits. The pieces in this collection pull together the look of the bedroom and bathroom. Thick towels, curtains and bedding in cool shades of grey. Sheet sets, duvets and blankets in coordinating patterns and colors. Boldly patterned rugs. With pieces from this collection, a space will have a distinct masculine look.

60 Off Whiteline Modern Furniture at MYHABIT

60% Off: Whiteline Modern Furniture at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Refresh and modernize your space with this collection of sleek, contemporary furniture from Whiteline. Featuring clean and simple silhouettes, classic details and neutral hues—and unexpected pops of color, the cool pieces here will give your home a virtuous vibe.